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May 27 2010

Patton Oswalt chats about his 'Serenity: Float Out' comic book. We also get closure on the Tommy Westphall Multiverse theory.

DH: Some might compare Serenity to Star Wars or Star Trek as one of the best sci-fi series of all time. Do you agree? Why has the series endured for so long with fans?

Patton: I completely disagree. The reason all 3 of those universes work is because they’re personal, and different from one another. Well, all 3 have Wookies, but besides that, they’re totally different.

This is the best answer I've ever heard. There's nothing that gives me more hatred of fan bases than these three groups giving reasons why they're the best.
Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, so I'll note it here:

Patton noted on Twitter yesterday that he'll be giving away one of Wash's iconic dinosaurs at a June 5th signing for "Serenity: Float Out" at House of Secrets in Burbank.

Just sayin'. The secret is out.

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