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May 27 2010

(SPOILER) Ausiello talks about Julie Benz's character in Dexter. Michael Ausiello reports Julie Benz is returning to Dexter next season.

Sorry for the casting spoiler in the title. I couldn't think of a way to avoid that.

Great news, if you ask me. Rita was such an important part of the show that it would have been bad not suddenly never have her on again. Hope she appears more than once. Maybe we'll get to see her death in a flashback.

ETA: Hope I haven't spoiled Rita's 'departure' for anyone.

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Maybe it's evil of me but I say if Dexter is a show you watch regularly and you haven't seen that episode yet, then you deserve to be spoiled.
I'm actually more slightly miffed about being spoiled that she's returning. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they handle the aftermath of last season, and it would have been nice to be surprised by seeing Rita. But oh well, too late now.

Maybe something like "Ausiello talks about Julie Benz's character in Dexter" with spoilers for next season?

ETA: I was thinking it could be removed from the information field as well, but maybe I'm oversensitive to spoilers for series I really care about. Oh well.

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Madmolly, Dexter Season 3 still hasn't been released in Europe. Hence these things are huge spoilers for those of us who don't download it or can't watch it on tv.
Perhaps she's returning as Cody's dark passenger...
It's hard not to spoil people for casting spoilers at Whedonesque without making it very contorted. And please don't put spoilers in the extended description field, as that section does get picked up by our RSS feed.
I can see this happening. Julie was an intricate part of the show, l'm glad she's back.
Sadly, madmolly, since Dexter isn't out on DVD yet, I haven't seen the fourth season yet.

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If you read the comments section after the article, it is amazing to me how many people absolutely hate(!) the character of Rita. Immediately after season 3's finale I rushed to message boards (which I never do) cuz I just couldn't believe/accept how it ended. Again, sooo many people ripping on Rita as naggy and whiny and please get rid of her, etc...

I gotta say if I ever found a woman even remotely like Rita, I would personally place the collar around my neck and hand her the leash. She is the most patient, forgiving and understanding wife I can think of on any show. Imagine all that she does for Dexter and the only thing she ever wants is for him to spend more time with her (and I'm not talking about the cloying 24/7 never have a friend kind of time).

I understand different tastes for different folks- I still rank Firefly as my number one favorite show ever and we all know how that ended up- but the vitriol towrads Rita is just staggering to me. Just don't get it.

I am looking forward to seeing what they do with her next season.
@shelled and kishi- I apologize. I hadn't even considered across the pond. Or people that wait for the DVDs. I forget about stuff like that.
lottalettuce, yeah, the Rita-hate is kinda nuts, but a friend I know who watches was eager for her to be killed off as well. I dunno...I think it comes down to many viewers not wanting to see Dexter tied down with a family (too late--even without Rita, he's got a son, two step-children, and a sister he's very close to). Some of the viewers who hate Rita are the same who get antsy when Dexter doesn't get a kill in for an episode or several in a row (not my bud, he may not like Rita, but he's happy to watch the story of Dexter unfold, see how he develops and discovers things about himself). These might be the same types of viewers who wanted The Sopranos to be mainly about the mob dealings and the hits all those years, the ones who complained about the family drama side of it and the therapy sessions. Which...would have likely made it like every mobster story that's already been told on film. It balanced all elements expertly, from what I remember.

I admit Rita was getting a little annoying for me in Season 3, when she was sorta becoming a "bridezilla" and, arguably, might've gotten in the way of the plot being more exciting/Dexter himself being more exciting. But Season 4 was a huge leap back up to the quality of the first season (and Season 2, if you liked it almost as much as Season 1 like I did) and all the characters/actors provided Grade A material, IMO. Dexter and Rita had some of their most poignant and affecting scenes yet (even if the way-too-happy-and-optimistic--though understandable and sweet on Dexter's part--scene of the two preceding her death may've telegraphed the death somewhat). I hit hard, her death and, as horrifically sad as it must've been for the character to die the way she did and for Dexter to see her like that (and then for her kids, mother, and in-laws to find out about it off-screen), I know it's gonna provide for a completely different dynamic in the fifth and potentially [hopefully] final season. Just imagining what it'll do to/for Dexter's character development (or regression, uh oh)...

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