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May 27 2010

Buffy is on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly. She's one of the magazine's 100 greatest characters of the last twenty years and the issue will feature "Joss Whedon on the elements that make up Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

WHAT? Really? I might have to actually buy this then.
To paraphrase the Cave Slayer, "Want. More. Buffy!"

In lieu of that, some of us will just take the beer.
Very cool. Buffy is one of the richest characters in pop culture. John Lock too. Homer, yes, indeed.

Captain Jack Sparrow? Nyet.
I'll agree with Buffy and John Locke, but did Mal Reynolds make the list? Definitely need Mal there...
Rachel from Friends is on the cover too? Shoot me in the face. Having "great" hair doesn't make you a great character.

That being said, I will of course be buying for the Buffyness
I love that Buffy is still making covers. Hope to hell Al Swearengen is on that list.
Gotta say EW has taste. Glad to see that Lawrence Fishburne made the cover along with Buffy. l'm definitely buying this magazine.
Totally agree Swearengen should be there, and he should be quite high on their list. And I'm hoping for Vic Mackey and Jed Bartlet as well. Yay for Buffy, although if you look at the characters from BtVS you really can't make a case that Buffy deserves to be on the list at the expense of Willow, Tara, Spike, Faith, etc. as the show was loaded with deep characters who kept on giving. (Certainly Buffy Summers is more iconic than they are though.)

Obviously, number 1 on the list has to be Cyd Sherman.
Loving how Buffy still makes covers so long after the show ended.
Is there any way to buy this in the UK?
I agree that Buffy Summers was one of the greatest characters of the past 20 years, since that two-decade period was part of ever.
Can't wait for this to show up in my mailbox, hopefully on Monday.

Roseanne and Joss should team up for a real Roseanne reunion.
Just got in the mail...she came in at #3 :)

Wish could post scan, but against rules.
I don't think Cyd will make the list since I had to google to see that is the name of Felicia's character on The Guild. Maybe the next 20 years. Or, you know, not.
What? No Jayne Cobb? Cancel my subscription!!!
Was I the only one who thought it was in questionable taste to use what happened to Glenn Quinn in that article?
Nope. Thought so, too, hacksaway.

I may buy this for the Jossiosity, but that's really the only the draw for me.

Glad the Buffster keeps pulling them in. She oughta.
Yet more evidence that the show's popularity isn't waning at all -- maybe even growing -- despite being off the air for years. Which I strongly approve of.
How timely. I began re-watching from Season 1 this week after the less-than-satisfying Lost finale. Haven't done so in years and the awesomeness of the writing is sooo refreshing!
Yay, now I'll have a reason to actually look forward to getting my EW in the mail tomorrow.

It's well deserved. I'm glad they still acknowledge the character and the show.
I just got mine too, and oh, if I didn't love Joss enough already! He wrote in the tribute: "There's a whole recipe for how to make a Buffy. Take one cup Sarah Connor from the first Terminator movie; one cup Ripley [from Alien]; three tablespoons of the younger sister in Night of the Comet; a few sprigs of A Little Princess -- the book, not the movies; and a pinch of Jimmy Stewart for pain, because nobody does pain better pain. Sarah Michelle Gellar brought that pinch of Jimmy Stewart, which was our nickname for her."

It's true -- nobody could bring the pain better than Stewart, and that ability to bring the pain as Buffy made Sarah Michelle Gellar the perfect actress to play our beloved vampire slayer.
Many thanks for the notice! Will look for the issue over the long weekend.
Yay Buffy! Ranked #3 is pretty damn impressive, no?

She'll forever be my favourite fictional character, my favourite hero of all time, and probably Joss' most iconic creation too. I’ve looked up to this girl as an inspiration since I was 7 and still remember playing with my Spidey action figures imagining they were Buffy. Pure love.

I love SMG and think she was perfect for the role. She’s an amazing actress and I couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role.

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Who are 1 and 2?
Homer Simpson and Harry Potter.
You have to love that SMG pose. Remarkable!

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