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May 27 2010

Twenty character deaths we didn't see coming. Includes several examples from the Whedonverse (obviously), though you won't necessarily see them all coming. Spoilers for some recent shows, including Lost, 24 and Dexter.

An interesting list (and more than a little Joss-centric)...but with one conspicuous absence, no?
Yeah, I fully expected to see one other on the list, given the Joss-centric nature of the others. Of course, I may be biased since I'm writing a presentation about the death for Slayage next week. I might be projecting a bit.

Heck, I expected to see Buffy on there for S1 and S5, too.

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That's an interesting list; not surprised that Buffy herself isn't on it. Neither of her deaths was a WTF moment for me; neither was Wesley's or Fred's, as heartwrenchingly sad as they were.

I wonder why Tara and Lindsey's deaths weren't listed though; those were unexpected and shocking.
Why didn't you spoiler this?
The spoiler tag is getting a bit overused for non Joss stuff. If it's clearly marked on the entry what's there then that's fine in my book. And we may cut on death lists for the next wee while, we seem to have had a plethora of them lately.
Why didn't you spoiler this?

I did. :-) But Simon's explanation makes sense. I'll note it for future reference.
Not to suck up to the Teacher, but I love the word "plethora".
Good list, though I'd argue those LOST deaths should be grouped together as one. /cry :(
Where the hell is Tara Maclay? Doyle before Tara? Huh?
Why is it that no one, including Joss himself, can consistently spell Wes's name right?
Joinging in the kittengrumbles re Tara. And this writer is as gullible as Angel himself about Cordy :-).
Also, Locke didn't "come back from the dead." He should be on this list.

Also also... anyone else notice how awkward the writer's syntax is? Holy bajeezus.

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It astounds me that no one ever seems to realize that Roseanne's finale was actually implying the entire series had been made up. Not just the last season........
HA, I was just thinking something very like that the other day, didifallasleep. The series finale basically ret-conned the entire series.
I'm glad someone else gets it!

I already had a hearing problem back then so I couldn't follow the last episode of Roseanne very well.
I think people get it... how can you hear that Becky married David, Darlene married Mark, and Jackie was gay, and not see that that rewrites the whole series?
Meh, I saw Sayid's death coming since he joined the Man in Black. It was just a question of "when" to me.
Rita's death was terrifying to me. I knew something was wrong as Dexter made his way through the house, but I didn't want to believe it.

And like the rest of the Whedon fans, Joyce's death still haunts me to this day. :(

@patxshand- yea, seriously. With that logic, Fred shouldn't even be mentioned in this list because of Illyria.

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In fact, I think Locke might be more shocking than all of these. Which is saying a lot, because even the episode title said he was gonna die. But from the Season Four reveal shot of him in the coffin, to his actual death, to the series' biggest reveal of all ("No, that's not Locke, and no, he's NOT coming back") means that his death shocked us multiple times on many different levels.
Damn,I just got spoiled. my fault for looking. I'm nowhere near done with TNG.

I agree,where's Tara?

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