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May 27 2010

(SPOILER) Zack Whedon "will be back"! Zack Whedon talks to CBR about the follow-up to his stint writing Dark Horse's "Terminator: 2029".

The Back to the Future sequels are quite good. Back off, Zack Whedon!
Sorry, typo-ed. Or something. :)
Thanks, and duly corrected.
Oh man, I feel his pain about the Matrix sequels. Those movies were going to change my life in a radical way. Then I saw them...
I've never had a film that I thought would change my life :-P.

Of course, I also think The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded are pretty equal as good, not great films.
Kaan, I'm weird but I think The Matrix Reloaded is a good movie. I mean, not as good as the first but still really good. I absolutly hate the third though ;O Ehh I'm odd, whatevs.
Wit and humor must run in the Whedon family. Interviews with any of them are always great reads. I agree about The Matrix, the first movie is one of my favorites of all time... and then there are the sequels. Which are merely ok. They concentrated too much on one-upping the action scenes that they didn't focus as much on crafting an equally great plot. Similar to the Star Wars prequels, actually...

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