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May 28 2010

Coming soon - 'Whedonversed'. It's a documentary project which "looks at the Scholars that study the works of Joss Whedon".

This is really heartening to hear. As someone who has spent the past two years studying the Whedonverse in various forms, it's really exciting to be able to explore the scholars who study the Whedonverse and their works. Looking forward to it!
Sweeeet. I'll be sure to stay updated on that. I've always loved mentally analyzing (or trying to) parts of the Whedonverse but it'll be nice to see what scholars make of it all.
ln a word impressive. lt's still amazing how Joss's work continues to be a cultural phenomenon. l would be fascinated on how the scholars would speak on his works.
If the description can be taken word for word, it's about the shcollars who have the theories about Joss, not about the theories. Sort of a "sociology of knowledge" type project. Kinda like my own fantasy project, Mapping the Buffyverse; a Book About the Books About It.
Anyone from here involved in it or know about it? It just appeared on Twitter early morning my time
Much of the filming will coincide with the Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses taking place at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida next week which I'll be attending. One of the producers is a frequent contributer to scholarly Whedon books and one of the organizers of this biannual academic conference. I'm very much looking forward to seeing how the filming will be incorporated into the conference. I think the project is in good hands.
Sounds very promising, I'd certainly love to watch it. Can't seem to find any release dates, distributors or festival scheduling on the site yet, so please keep us posted on this!

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