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May 28 2010

New details about the Dr Horrible Sing-Along Blog Book. It will feature exclusive contributions from cast and crew, sheet music and the full shooting script.

Ooooh. This is definitely a must-have for me. :D
It will be mine. Oh, yes... it will be mine.
This sounds awesome! After just getting the new Firefly book... I have something new to look forward to! Yay!
I hope the final cover features the correct spelling of Maurissa Tancharoen's name.
I wonder if they'll include any of the comics. I haven't had a chance to keep up with them so it'd be nice to have them in the book.
cabri, there's supposed to be a trade collection of the Dr. Horrible comics, due out in the fall. That's what this interview with Zack Whedon was about.
Should I pre-order at this site, or will it be available in the USA at a different site?
embers, it's available for pre-order at I only used this link because it was the only site that had the relevant info.

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