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"I need better back-up than C3PO and Stick Figure Barbie."
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May 28 2010

Clare Kramer's NOH8 pic. It's glorificus.

Yep, she's a goddess! And a wonderful person at the same time, hard to understand how Ben got in there. So many mysteries...
Truly rising to the look-good-wearing-duct-tape challenge. I applaud you, Ms. Kramer!

I wonder how many other 'verse folk are gonna take part in this important campaign? (I know there was a link earlier about the writers, but at the time I didn't know what NOH8 was. I just googled it.)

I wonder if we can take our own pictures to send in, or if it has to be a professional shoot? I'd certainly do a self-portrait, but I don't think they'd ever come to anywhere in WI close enough for me to get to.
ShadowQuest you have to attend one of their open shoots.
The campaign is misguided. The people voted for Prop 8 and their will needs to be respected. We don't need activists and activist judges trying to ram through things that people are clearly against. Real marriage was created to be ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN, and no amount of normalizing or rationalizing or justifying can change what God created and intended. Sin is sin, no matter how it's repackaged, and these misguided people will realize the truth one day. But it'll be too late then. People need to take a stand for REAL marriage and family and protect what it really means.

And as I've said before, it's wrong and ignorant to paint all of us who are against it as haters. Many of us do not hate at all, period. It's perfectly possible for someone to feel the lifestyle is wrong and sinful without being some kind of hater or bigot. There's also a lot of hypocrisy because the gay supporters need to look in the mirror at what they do and say about people who disagree with them. Why is our view termed hateful but lashing out against us in hateful, offensive ways is okay? It isn't, plain and simple. If you want tolerance, give tolerance!

I do try to follow the rules and don't like arguing or inciting, but I also don't feel there's anything wrong with respectfully standing up for one's beliefs either. I don't keep harping though, because there are better places for in-depth discussions.

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I do try to follow the rules and don't like arguing or inciting,

Not from where I'm sitting. Comments like "sin is sin" and "misguided people" are pure flamebait material. And whilst I do try to be sensitive to people's spiritual beliefs, I also have to consider a higher calling i.e. our rules and this site. I don't mind a civil debate but I'm not seeing any evidence of that here with your provocative remarks. And I saw how you derailed the other thread but I was prepared to give you another chance. However that was not the case. So with in mind, you're out.

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