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May 28 2010

Buffyfest chats to Nick Brendon. It's mainly about his appearance on "Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy". But we also find out what he thinks of Xander's latest plot line in the Buffy season 8 comics.

I feel the same way about Xander/Dawn. I never would have pegged them as a couple. Nick has it exactly right, their relationship was always big brother/little sister. I'm growing to accept their make-out-y-ness, though.
Yay! Every time something new happens, it just confirms more and more that it was all real. Like, that I wrote a script that Nicholas Freakin' Brendon wanted to do, that we got him, and that we're currently editing an episode with him in it. It's wild, and I every now and then need these little reminders that it's not just a dream I had, you know?

Plus he mentions me by name! How bizarre is that?!

Okay, all that aside, I want to again offer to answer any questions anyone might have about Nicky, about our show, or about anything else you think might be relevant. I can't promise to answer everything, as some things may be better revealed in the actual episode, but please feel free to ask away.

Okay, all *that* aside, how about I actually comment on the linked piece, huh? Novel idea. :) I want to say that I totally agree that web-produced content is amazingly important these days. Not only as an actor and a writer can I finally cement my own brand and create material easier than ever, but there's just so much untapped potential in this new world, and yeah, I definitely think huge things are happening and will continue to do so.
I completely agree about the Dawn/Xander relationship, they were always big brother/little sister, and that's the way it will always be for me. Thus I still refuse to accept this plot development.
Yup. Gotta agree with Nick on the Dawn/Xander thing. Always struck me as a not particularly clever way to keep Buffy/Xander from becoming a thing rather than something Xander would actually want. Dawn yes, but she always had a crush on him.
I've been shipping Dawn/Xander since the series - but only when she grows up (which she has.) So that's the one thing in the comics I'm cool with. (There had to be something.)
I'm totally not on board w/the Xander/Dawn thing, even though my best friend wrote it in her wonderful story. It just doesn't sit right with me. (She handled it well, though - totally not all sexual or a gimmick.)

'course, since I'm not reading the comics, my opinion counts for squat.

Oh, and HUGE CONGRATS XanMan on landing the man himself for your show.

As a funny aside - the current sidebar quote is "If you take sexual advantage of her, you're going to burn in a special level of hell." HA!
Age becomes less relevant in relationships the older people get -- but I don't think Dawn's quite old enough for that to kick in in S8 continuity. So yeah, it's weird.
Thanks, ShadowQuest! We've been having a blast doing the show from the beginning, and it got even more exciting as, slowly but surely, people started finding us and digging us enough to stick around. But this? Aw, man, this is definitely the most exciting thing to happen with our show, for me at least, since the start.

ManEnoughToAdmitIt, let's see... I was watching "Parks and Recreation" recently, and a character was wondering how to know if you're too old to date someone who was younger than you. The formula was, I believe, if the person is at least half your age plus seven, you were fine. Let's say Xander was sixteen when the show started, right? Puts him at twenty-three when it ends. An indeterminate amount of time between the end of season seven and beginning of season eight, but let's guess two years, with the season so far covering, we'll estimate, another year. He's twenty-six now. Dawn was fifteen in season five, I think, so seventeen at the end. Wait, is that right? Am I a year off? We'll say, just to be safe, sixteen when it ends. Three years later, she's nineteen. Half of twenty-six: thirteen. Plus seven: twenty.

Yeah, seems you're right. Still kinda weird. :)
XanMan I'd watch...if I wasn't on dial-up.

I can kinda see where some people get the Xawn thing, especially w/the speech he gives her in Season Seven. I'm rewatching Five right now, and in "Crush" he was rather surprised that her interest had shifted to Spike. "What? No. It's me. It's always been me. Big, funny Xander." And earlier he'd told Giles that "Dawn has a crush on me." But I don't think it was him wanting a relationship with her so much as "Hey! A chick digs me. A chick who isn't a demon. Cool". It probably gave him an ego boost.

As for the age thing - my cut-off is five years, plus or minus. I'm really not interested in dating someone my father's age. Or even old enough to be my uncle. Ugh. Sadly, that seems to be the only kind of guy interested in me. My best friend says "age shouldn't matter," just makes me uncomfortable.
Yeah, I'm not a shipper, I guess, one way or another. I don't really take issue with Xander and Dawn. To me, it's just like, "Well, that's happening now. Hope we get some good stories out of it." But do people really call their union "Xawn"? That sounds... very uncomfortable. I suppose it's better than Dander, but still.

Also, if I had a strict five-year rule, I'd never be married to my wonderful wife, who's close to five and a half years older than me (Happy birthday to her this Sunday, by the way!).
Hi, XanMan, got a URL for your Internet series?
Shapenew, I have two actually. :) The first is the Youtube channel, on which you'll find the series as well as lots of other stuff, since my friend who owns the channel releases new content every week. I'm particularly partial to the Mac vs. PC spoofs since, well, I'm the guy who plays PC.

The second is the actual site for the show, which includes all the episodes and notable updates, as well as bios.

Thanks so much for your interest, and let me know if there's anything else I can do.

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