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May 28 2010

Full series rankings for the 2009-10 broadcast season. Find out how Dollhouse got placed for 'adults 18-49' and 'total viewers'.

Hint - not very well.

Even after the series got cancelled, it still hurt to see that.
I kinda expected that. The ratings weren't stellar during it's run, so I wasn't expecting to see any sort of miracles on this list.

I am getting a small satisfaction that The Vampire Diaries seems to be doing better than all the other CW shows. I have a large, irrational love for the show.

It's also interesting to see the differences between the two lists. House, for example, comes in eighth on the 18-49 ranking, but 21st on the overall ranking. That's not even close. The Office does even better by getting 11th on the 18-49 ranking, and 41st(!) on the overall.
The bracket's pretty strange, when members of the upper third of the age grouping could be parents to the bottom third.

"Dollhouse" may have ranked low, but two shows carried by Whedonvets Moreena Baccarin and Nate Fillion scored nicely, especially in absolute numbers (and with the "reality" shows -- what an Orwellian coinage!! -- removed).

Personally I'm happy to be in the fewer-than-three million category :) who were utterly amazed by what the show did & dared.
I don't understand this at all.
Dollhouse is still 2 above Supernatural, which has been signed up for a sixth season.
Oh, well at least I can look forward to seeing where Human Target comes next year now Fox has condemned it to the Friday night Death Slot.
Well ... it's sad about Dollhouse but congratulations to Bones for being in the top 40.
Wow, I didn't think I'd have to scrool THAT much! Oh well. It is disappointing. But I'm STILL proud of that show. We all know it wasn't perfect, but is is SO much better than so many other shows that are ranked higher.

That's why I can in good conscience ignore the numbers completely. ;)
Well, I loved the show.
shows carried by Whedonvets Moreena Baccarin

Elizabeth Mitchell says hi.

Keep in mind Supernatural is a CW show, so its ratings expectations are slightly less than Fox and other networks. The CW isn't available everywhere, for one reason.
Happy Town places higher than Dollhouse? Seriously? Seriously? I really don't get that.
I don't know what to feel, seeing Better Off Ted and Dollhouse so near each other under the near-bottom of the list. I feel sad but slightly happy that they both got two seasons. :|
Some of the shows like "Happy Town" and "V" had limited episodes run so their average didn't get pulled down by an entire season of decreasing ratings.

Couple others were close to syndication so got picked up for just that.

Still sad that almost every show below Dollhouse was a non big 4 network.

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