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May 29 2010

5 Best Fight Scenes You've Never Seen. Moviefone shines a spotlight on some underrated movie battles it believes deserve wider recognition.

I own all of those on DVD^^
It really is a fantastic fight scene. It's pretty unique in that it relies on creative (but realistic) choreography to make it exciting, rather than tricky editing.
I like how they can identify the fights in each of the other films but Serenity gets "River Tam vs. An Entire Bar". LOL! One of my all-time favorite fight sequences though. Gotta love the standing backwards kick she gives, too. <3 Summer Glau.

That #1 fight is ridiculous. I feel like my soul was just punched in the face.
Their number one fight is an extraordinary piece of film making, but i thought the actually fighting was pretty weak.

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One thing is for certain - never mess with a man's elephants.
Agree about the number one, WendyPops - except the last minute or two where he was faced with actual fighters. That was pretty darn impressive. And, yeah, I love watching Summer's moves.
I think Whedon himself would bow down to #1--he loves the one-shot takes and knows how ridiculously hard that is to make it all work. Think about the fact that some of those stunt men could've died being thrown off the balconies, how the camera keeps going, how the main character keeps going. When you take into account that it's all done in real time, that just makes the fight all the more real.

That's one damned impressive piece of work. Everyone right on the money.

And the end is impressive with the actual fighters, but the opponents for the first five minutes are an army of minions and the building itself. It's more than just the moves, it's the way the entire building is used.

The thing about it being one-take is it raises the stakes, makes it feel more real, so while the overblown flash of fight isn't there (like say an Arnie fight), the tension is and that's what you need to make a great fight. Tension, real stakes. Otherwise, who cares?
Out and out the coolest fight scenes ever esp the one with River in the bar
My son's comment re "The Protector" was, "It looks like a video game," first-person style. Which, in fact, it does.

And, OT, but . . . my favorite ever "one-take" is the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" vid, no word of a lie (yeah, OK, I'm aware that there were one or two invisible edits, but still . . .). A perfect union of sight and sound. :-).
What? That is...way awesome, SNT. I didn't know you were a SG fan. I was an absolute idiot for them when they first came out. In some ways, I still am. ;)

Unless of course you're being sarcastic. Then it's all just bad.
Nope, no sarcasm there. I have a lot of time for pure pop.
While I was reading this list, I had one movie and one actor who I thought should win hands down. Turns out they choose the actor,Tony Jaa, but not the movie: Ong-Bak.

Any given fight scene in that movie could have won. I have no idea why they decided on The Protector (I vaguely remember the fighht scenes as nothing spectacular).

Edited to add that I've always loved the River bar fight, and actually all of Summer Glau's fights come to think of it.

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