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May 29 2010

Dollhouse season 2 DVD is available in the UK for pre-order. lists the release date as September 6th. makes mention of a Complete Seasons 1 & 2 boxset coming out on the same date.

I went over to to check the price and saw that they had a complete boxset on offer so I added that news to your entry.
Do you guys think the complete box set will have extra features? Or is it just the first and second season sold together?

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If I had to guess, I'd say it would be the two seasons sold together. It would also be nice to know if Dollhouse is ever coming out in Blu-ray in the UK and whether the show will ever get released in Australia.
Oh that's true, blue ray. I guess I'd better wait for that too.

Btw, do the region 2 version of season 1 have less features than the region 1?
Yes, I would dearly love it to be released in Oz. I do have de-regioned DVD players though, so maybe it's time to stop waiting and just buy the US version now both seasons can be bought together.

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It's just weird that it hasn't been released in Australia. Both S1 & S2 have aired and FOX8 said it was one of their most popular shows. I have no idea why it hasn't been released on DVD when practically every other TV show I can think of has.

Btw, do the region 2 version of season 1 have less features than the region 1?

The features are the same as far as I am aware. I should mention that the episodes on the season 1 DVD do not come with scene selection which I thought was pretty much a given these days. I suspect it was a cost cutting measure.
I had forgotten scene selection exists...

There may or may not be somethings with the US season 2 DVD release that isn't part of the UK complete release, so if you don't plan on buying both you may want to hold off a little while to see the deets.
Has Dollhouse aired on a pay network and a free to air network in Australia? Or only the one? Local broadcaster is holding up the DVD release last I heard. This is the first mention of a complete series set that I have seen. Definitely news to me. Not saying it is incorrect just new info to me.

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I think the complete series release is UK only (at this point).

And I don't think it has aired free-to-air yet in Oz, Tamara. It has in the UK.
I have been praying we get a complete box set and i'm so glad that we do, I just wish we also got the complete set of Blu-rays over here :(
No free to air DH for us I'm afraid. Just ridiculously expensive Foxtel. So unless Go, or 7Two are looking to pick it up to flesh out their younger audience new shows list, I dunno what else could be holding it up.

For anyone interested in some numbers....

"In the past month, the most watched sci fi shows on the box have been Fringe on GO with 117,000 viewers, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on GO with 114,000, Torchwood on ABC2 with 89,000, and Dollhouse on Fox8 with 70,000."

Only Dollhouse was on a paytv channel, the others were free to air, although limited to households with diigital tvs/set top boxes

Interesting, Perth has a strip club called The Doll House...

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Was wondering when this would be announced just the other day. I hope we get a few more features than the last release, which felt a bit dry.

Particularly hope for some more Whedon commentaries, which are always my highlights. I don't generally go in for commentaries, but Joss makes them so interesting and just manages to cram so much information in. He never stops talking throughout the whole 45 mins and it is always filled with fascinating information on his creative process. It is obvious to mention his 'Objects in Space' commentary here, but I think I might even prefer it to the episode itself.
Ivalaine, my understanding is that one of your free to air channels has already purchased the rights and just hasn't scheduled the airing yet. DVD is contractually waiting on them to air it. However, my understanding of the sitch could be incorrect. As always, take info like this from a person you don't know on the Internet with a huge grain of salt. :)
Sigh. That probably means Channel 10 holds the rights then, as that was the channel which was originally going to air the show before FOX8 picked it up instead. If I'm right we could be waiting a very long time for the DVD's as Channel 10 is incredibly slack. If they planned to air it they probably would have done so last summer :(

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Can't R2 DVDs be played on R4 DVD players? I know I could play the Serenity R4 DVD on my British PS2.
Nah I'm pretty sure they can't.
A lot of R2/R4 DVDs are dual encoded for both regions.
Can't wait to get the DVD and finally see the conclusion of the show. In the Netherlands it hasn't been broadcasted thusfar.
I got a little love letter from Amazon asking me if I still wanted the Dollhouse I pre ordered because they still don't know how long it'll take to get here.
Oh dear. If it is indeed channel 10 we are screwed, as their second channel is sport only, and with the likes of Masterchef and Biggest Loser to bolster their numbers, we won't be seeing it air on 10's main channel any time soon. They couldn't even hold on to Torchwood. I hope that when channel 10 relinquished rights to Fox8 it was all rights, and not just the rights to show it first, and that what TamaraC is talking about is 7Two or Go... Whichever one seems to be a bit more sci-fi friendly playing Fringe and SG etc.

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