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May 30 2010

Hawaii Five-O - Exclusive Preview. YouTube video of the CBS remake starring Daniel Dae Kim; also, catch a glimpse of James Marsters in his guest starring role.

Crew members from the Whedonverse include Brad Martin, Brycen Counts, Brian Machleit and Robert Reid.

Is it the same trailer that got posted in this entry?

Can't tell myself cause CBS have blocked it to those outside the US.
Looks good! Wasn't thrilled about this new show, except that JM is in it, but the preview has reeled me in. Daniel Dae Kim is a fabulous addition to the cast and just sets the right tone. His looks, maturity and personality, add gravitas to an otherwise, unrealistic team. Looking forward to more, any news if JM will be back?
Different trailer. The earlier one includes comments from the cast.

I don't think I'm going to be watching this show regularly. Looks like a lot of fights and explosions strung together with pedestrian writing. No indication that they are going to engage with Hawaiian culture; the trailer could have been shot anywhere that has surf. They are spending a lot of money, but the photography and sound don't have any special style.

It is a different video.
Cool, thanks.
@Simon This can be viewed from Europe
Wow... didn't know Grace Park was in this.
This looks like a lot of fun!
When I first heard about the remake, I was uninterested. However, the previews have changed my mind and I'll be checking out this show when it airs to see what it's like. It has a great cast, which includes Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Parks. I like that there's and attempt to reflect the ethnic mix of the islands. I hope that continues with all the casting. James Marsters' character looks to be a deliciously, stone cold, evil baddie. Could be fun.
I will definitely watch for Marster's bit, looks like he went blonde again! As for the rest, looks like they're trying to cash in on the success of NCIS and such. Meh.
Yeah, I'll watch this show. I was iffy until the last line. "Where are you trying to go? Here, here you go." Plus, DDK is super :)
Now Jin will never get off that darn island ;)
Grace Park is in it so... I'll be watching. This is coming next fall, I take it?
Hawaii, Jin and a Canadian girl in a bikini. I wonder if there's a smoke monster.
This looks like fun, even if it's mindless fun. And I want to support all the economic pluses for my state, especially now that Lost has shut down production.

JM is always a plus, although it seems like a guest shot rather than a reoccurring role. Excellent cast overall, and to be honest, I'd watch Alex O'Loughlin read the phone book. ;_)
I was going to give this a pass, but after watching the clips I'm going to give it a try. Agree Shey about Alex O'Loughlin, and the chemistry between him and Scott Caan (son of the legendary James Caan) is great.
This trailer really... makes... you... wait... for the theme song.
This trailer really... makes... you... wait... for the theme song.
The One True b!X | May 31, 18:14 CET

Hey ... I know that the clips with the scenery flash by fast, but there is nowhere on earth more beautiful. :)

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