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May 30 2010

Tahmoh Penikett says Joss has a new project. German interviews Tahmoh Penikett at FedCon 2010.

In an exclusive interview for German TV junkies' homepage during FedCon in Bonn, Tahmoh Penikett hints that Joss Whedon has a new series in the making. "He will start a new project soon. The first series project he has absolute control over, just like he had with "Dr. Horrible", and you know how that turned out. It's great and it's fun."

There are more crunchy bits about shooting Dollhouse, his feelings about the pilot episode being redone, and working with Joss. (Translation from the German transcript into English is mine, I'm still looking for the English original.)

(Edited for clarification of "project".)

Interesting. Does it translate to "series" or "project"? Doesn't sound like it is The Avengers, since he wouldn't have total control over that.
Actually, both. First, the German text says "Joss has a new project. A series project (Serienprojekt) he has absolute control over."

I cannot vouch for the English->German translation though, but I have written to the interviewers to get the original English quotes.
From what I understand, the "new series" is Tahmoh telling an old story about Dollhouse. How when Dollhouse first came into being, the hype was so huge: "Joss Whedon has a new series!"

So I'm pretty sure this isn't talk about an actual new series by Whedon. This interview doesn't really give any new information that I can tell, but reads like most of the other interviews Tahmoh has given talking about BSG, Dollhouse and his Muay Thai stunt work.
Ehm, no, Emmie, I don't read this particular quote as a past tense text. I may be wrong though. That's why I'm double checking.

Just to clarify: German is my native language.

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It seems a bit vague, but I was focusing on an earlier bit that was referring to Dollhouse (where he recalls how a new series by Joss Whedon raised expectations that it be perfect). I'm wondering if Tahmoh is talking about The Avengers because of how much control a director has over the film. And wasn't there old speculation about more projects like Dr. Horrible?

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With flashbacks at how bad I was at GCSE german, I did what any British person would do and run it through BabelFish.

Naturally employs as an actor. It is probably impossible not to do. One turns a new series and takes the criticism simply personally. The Hype was in my opinion simply too large. Expectations were enormous. A new series of Joss Whedon - it had to be simply perfect. It is a very hard industry. 95 per cent of the pilots to the Pilotseason are not converted. Joss is also only one humans. But it will start soon a new project. Its first series project, with which it has absolute control. Similarly as with „Dr. Horrible “and you know, what came out thereby. It is super and makes simply only fun.

I think Harridan's interpretation is correct. My German's rusty but the sentences are pretty simple and the context is easy to pick up on. Complete creative control? Interesting!
Being swiss, altough not from the german part, I know a little bit of german.

This quote:

Aber er wird bald ein neues Projekt starten. Sein erstes Serienprojekt, bei dem er die absolute Kontrolle hat

It translate (as Simon has already done) as:

But it will soon start a new project. Its first series project, in which he will have the absolute control.

I still don't know how he can "soon" start a new series while working on the avengers, but still it seem like a good news.

Maybe some internet series ?
Would have to be a web thingy then.
That Avengers thing is still not verified, officially, is it?
This reminds me of when we first found out about Dr Horrible, it was a throwaway remark in a NPH interview at Ain't It Cool.

Though I recollect this as well:

We never did find out about what happened to the Joss Whedon show "Brothers" or "Brethren".
The Doctor Horrible sequel?
Google translator gave me this:

Of course the one employed as an actor. It is probably impossible not to do that. You turn a new series and take the criticism personally. The hype in my opinion was simply too big. The expectations were huge. A new series by Joss Whedon - they just had to be perfect. It is a very tough industry. 95 percent of the pilots are not implemented after the pilot season. Joss is only human. But he will soon start a new project. His first production project in which he has absolute control. Similar to "Dr. Horrible, "and you know so, what has come be published or. It is super and simply have fun.

I'm gonna control myself and try not to get excited or read anything into that.

EDIT: My head just went to "oh, a Goners web-series!!!" ... FREE GONERS!!

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So which is it. Series, or production. Because obviously those are not the same thing.
BTW: Never trust a translation machine. They never get stuff right, especially contexts and tenses. :)
Simon is there anything in that old AICN link that turned out to be true/accurate? Not a great track record there of actors knowing anything. ;)
@Harridan : Google translator is pretty good though. Not perfect. But good.
The one True b!X in the interview it's written "Serienprojekt" that translate to "Series Project".
hahaha, b!X, I think only the "She also said that as far as she knows everyone is back for the movie" line was accurate!
To be honest, having an actor give information he may or may have heard along the Hollywood grapevine, then take it to Germany, then have them translate it to German, then have us translate it back to English... May end in the wrong end of the stick.
@Bix: As I said - don't trust a machine. The word "production" is not in the German translation of Tahmoh's quotes. The translation uses "project" and "series project", referring to the same thing.
@gossi: Absolutely right. Hope I'll be back with more precise quotes in a few hours.

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Simon is there anything in that old AICN link that turned out to be true/accurate?

I think the Firefly movie happened. Probably.

Though I would love to see this project happen one day.
Pretty much, gossi.
Just for reference this interview was done beginning of May.
Hi everyone!

I grew up with german as my second language and lived in a german speaking country for 6 years, so i regard myself as quite fluent in the language. I tried to translate the relevant text to english myself and this is the result:

"Of course it bothers you as an actor. It's impossible not to. You shoot a new series and you simply take criticism personally. In my opinion the hype was just too big. The expectations were huge. A new series by Joss Whedon - it simply had to be perfect. It's a very tough industry. 95 percent of pilots don't get picked up after pilot season. Joss is just a human. But he will start a new project soon. His first series project where he has absolute control. Similarly as with "Dr. horrible", and you know how that turned out. It's super and it's just fun."

I apologize for any grammatical errors, unfortunately my english isn't as good as my german. I tried not to be too literal with some words, but rest assured the meaning behind them is kept intact.

Anyway, it doesn't differ much from the previous interpretations, but i just wanted to give you all an additional confirmation. Going by the german text, Tahmoh really did say that Joss is working on a brand new series. Now we have to wait for the original quote by the reporter.
I think I am going to choose to believe that this is happening until I find out otherwise.
Going by the german text, Tahmoh really did say that Joss is working on a brand new series. Now we have to wait for the original quote by the reporter.

Cheers. And thanks to everyone else doing the translating. Gives us something to talk about on a Sunday evening.
According to my own translation, it says Joss is going to be producing a reality web series focusing on the houses and apartments of the WHEDONesque moderators.
One house. We all live together.
I would watch that.
Hrmmm... This is interesting...

And on a side note, FedCon is a thing? I'm sure that means something different in non-English.
FedCon = a sci-fi convention. Orignally Star Trek based.
Now there's an interesting concept. The house where all the Active Whedonesque moderators live together and go out on patrol to slay vampires and demons. The one team in all the world...

What? It could happen? There have been much sillier reality shows.
so joss may be doing something? will this affect avengers? I really wanna watch Joss' avengers. he said we knew what he was working on by the time dollhouse ended and we don't officially know anything

but I do want to see that reality about the lives of whedonesque's mods
We know Joss is doing the Comic-Con thing. And Avengers would be one project to rule them all, one suspects.

I did some digging on this one and found some stuff out. I'm not posting it though, 'cos one thing I learned from doing Dollverse is this: too much information sucks. Example: I'm writing this post sat in my pants whilst eating Wheetos. No really, I am.

but clearly - as per your example, I take your point.
"Example: I'm writing this post sat in my pants whilst eating Wheetos. No really, I am."

I'll be in my bunk.
a reality web series focusing on the houses and apartments of the WHEDONesque moderators.

As long as we don't have to vote any of them out.
I'll go out on a limb, speculate and probably be proven wrong twice.

Joss is not going to direct the Avengers. They couldn't come to an agreement over creative control. The project referred to is something else, though I can't account for Mr. Penikett having the scoop on it.
gossi- Aah, The Federation, I see. I read FedCon and first picture hordes of people standing in very long lines for health care forms and stamps.

Can't wait for more news on this. *fingers crossed, cautiously crossed*
I've learned that until Joss says it, I don;t believe anything! lol
My hovercraft is full of eels.
Did the Whedonverse break their server? Can't load page. Oh well, my German stinks anyway.

But yay anyway! Nice news on a Monday morning. Hope something real comes of the rumor.
Wait. Joss is no longer directing/writing the Avengers? Now I'm sad.

Never mind, I read the post incorrectly.

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I think shortly after the "news" broke, the Avengers producer said, "Oh, I'd love Joss to direct. That'd be great." I don't think any further confirmation has been forthcoming.
Except for Zack saying Joss had "tentatively agreed" to do it.
Short of something going wrong, joss is doing the avengers. Which I'm excited about as, to me, that movie is about a protracted argument about morals from different points of view. Which, from Firefly, he's fucking good at.

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Ah, I missed the confirmation from Zack. Thanks. Now I'm definitely going to go see it. :)
I don't speak German, but I'm looking at the different translations posted here, and I keep seeing what could very well be a general statement. As in "Now Joss is free to go make some new series he has full creative control over, like with Dr. Horrible", or even saying that he definitely will because there's not much reason not to. It might be a qualified guess on Tahmoh's part.
Not saying that's what he meant, but it seems to me that there's a possibility that he didn't necessarily have to mean more than that.
As for my hopes, I hope the Avengers movie happens, I hope the Dr. Horrible sequel happens, and I hope many more exciting things will happen after that.
I am so excited already. I really need to stop getting worked up over little comments in interviews and phone conferences. I can't imagine how I'll react the day that something actually exciting happens.
I wonder if this is the result of his meeting with the head of FX. Maybe "full creative control" was enough of an incentive to accept the presumably lower salary a cable company could offer.
I can't imagine the head of any network, even cable, offering full creative control... unless Tahmoh was just exaggerating slightly and it's basically full creative control.
True, true. I'm getting all swept up in it, too. Probably my hopes will all be dashed soon enough. :)
And when the mods show draws to it's dramatic close (i.e. is cancelled), do we all get to become mods? I'm starting to feel powerful already.
@GreatMuppetyOdin--I like your explanation. Could be a case of mistranslating a subjunctive verb, or a verb that ought to have been in the subjunctive but wasn't, or some other conditional expression that doesn't map directly from English to German.
Joss met with the head of fx?
I hope its the FX channel project cause I respect the shows they put out, particularly The Shield, and Always Sunny. But now, I interpreted the translation as him saying he believes Joss will have another project, and when he does he will have complete control over it.
Well that's unhelpfully vague...
BTW: Never trust a translation machine. They never get stuff right, especially contexts and tenses. :)

Vigorous head-nodding. It was one of the impulses to recover & rebuild on long-ago German instruction --

This jibes with the info early in the year that someone from FX was trying to contact Joss for a series under just such conditions . . . knocking wood, tying string around fingers, fingers crossed, rabbit's foot rubbed, usw.
Okay, can it be a "Firefly - five years later" series?

Though, I mean, I'll take anything. I would just be delighted to see Joss do a series instead of a one-off- a long series is his strength.
Can it star Enver, please? :)
"Coming this fall from FOX: From the mind of Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other shows we killed, comes Moderator House. A group of mild-mann ***CANCELLED***
Are we having the 'cancelled' discussion on the German translation of an ambiguous phrase from one person?
Complete with the typical erroneous conflation of FOX the network, 20th the studio, WB the network, and UPN the network, yes.

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Wait. That's the name of his new series: Cancelled. Seems fitting...
Well, that first translation definitely sounds like it was translated by a fish ... :)
Unless Tahmoh speaks German, the cryptic quote was spoken in English and then translated to German for the article, and now we translate that to English. This quote also contains a fair amount of hard to pin down references regarding a new project/series and non-specific timelines. All tantalizing and vague enough to get the speculation engines revved up and running... and, they're off!

Since there's double translating and vagueness aplenty, I'll just assume the quote is confirmation that Joss got the rights for Firefly back, and now he's going to make it as an online series his way. ;-)
They just announced an article with more information for later today.
Who is 'they'?
In the commentary one of the editors of writes: "Der Artikel mit Details kommt heute" (literally: the article with details comes today).

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But... more details might clear up dangling questions, and constrain an unfettered free-for-all of wild speculation!

oooh... exciting...
wow, 75 comments on a snippet from a German interview with an actor from a canceled show? Must be summer... :) I await better info, although I do remember the Whedon/FX meeting making the board. In the meantime I will be eagerly awaiting Whedonesque Mods-House! (Streaming live, right?)
"sat in my pants"

That's another mark on the tally chart!
As long as what Joss is planning involves more cowboys and spaceships, I'll be happy.
If it is a reality show, it'd better be "So You Think You Can Pope?". That was a brilliant idea on Joss' part.
I wanna see Fray!! I mean I know that there's budgetary constraints...but i'm sure Joss can find a way around that!!
What happened to the link to latest Joss Posts on the front page?
We will be using Ustream on our mobile phones to stream the video - we're very hip and cutting edge. We also have bandaids for when the cutting edge is too cutting. Not sure about the mild mannered part, though ;).
I am simultaneously eager for and afraid of details.
@ hopitopia,

It's not technically summer until the 21st of June, you know...
I'm sitting in my pants with anxiety.
Lala, still waiting for the Artikel mit Details!
Wait a minute... Ive been skimming, but did I read that later this afternoon we will learn about a new Joss project that is not The Avengers, Comicon documentary, or Dr. Horrible sequel?

Not really, later this afternoon we will get more details about the article that was translated from english to german and then back to english, whatever that means.

EDIT: Err, yes I mean't German, my brain wasn't working.

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Except that it was German, but yeah ;).

I'm not reading too much into this throwaway comment, but if this does pan out to be the first we hear about a major new Joss project, it'll be legendary. 'Remember when we first heard about [now famously successful series] in a confusing interview in a German article?' I'm already looking forward to the future thread where the old fans are telling the new ones that they were there, right here in this thread, where everything started.


More likely though: we forget all about this in a few days. (Or not.) (Or not not.) (Y'know.)

ET-Change "<" and ">" into "[" and "]"

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Forget all about what?
([meta]This is rapidly progressing into 'Ben'-and-'Glory'-joke territory now, isn't it?[/meta])

'xactly, bix ;)

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I'm enjoying it, even if it turns out to be hogwash. The fact that it's, like, 10:45 p.m. in Germany now with no article in sight doesn't help sustain my hopes any.
Actually, it's more like 11:45 p.m. (and as such, living in a country right next to Germany, it's time to head off to bed ;))
"I'm already looking forward to the future thread where the old fans are telling the new ones that they were there, right here in this thread, where everything started."

Oh, oh, I want to tell all the new Joss fans that arrive once this new series is a huge success that I was in the thread where we first heard of it. Not that I have anything to contribute to it, but at least I am here.

My guess is that this is one of those moments where an actor says something on the spare of the moment and doesn't actually mean how it looks written down. I won't be getting too excited yet.
Ivalaine: What happened to the link to latest Joss Posts on the front page?

I noticed that, too - and the category Purple prose only brings up a portion of them.

For now, though, if you use, you'll still get them all.

Looking forward to any news and "Big Brother: Whedonesque".

Sat here in my pajamas.
I have found this thread entertaining for the same reasons various people above have already mentioned.
However, our excitement at such a small tidbit of (non)information led me to thinking how long it's been since we've heard from Joss himself.

And then QuoterGal's post led me to glance at Joss' most recent post, which was 14th Dec '09. And that got me thinking - is this the longest we've gone without word (or rather a post) from the man himself?

So I went and graphed when Joss has posted against time over the last 5 years (since Jan 05).

And the answer is, yes, this is the longest we've gone in the last five years without hearing from Joss.

You can see a Jpeg of the graph here

I hope it means there's lots in the works and he's just too busy to tell us about it!!!

As an aside, I'd also like to point out that I consider any time he posts as a gift to us, the fandom, and it's in no way our right to expect communication from him! Needless to say, I am still really looking forward to hearing (reading) from him and I hope we don't have to wait too much longer.

Edited to update link - now with improved Y-axis!

[ edited by Bluey on 2010-06-01 02:10 ]
Bluey. Your Y axis label is misleading. It suggests Joss posted 120 days this year. It is more like, days between Joss posts.
Bluey, that graph is a work of nerdish art. I salute you. :-)
"I made a graph! I make lots of graphs..."

I tip my hat to you, Bluey, wow. Nerd props, man.
ooooh, a graph. awesome. I love this fandom.
Yes I am proudly a nerd. And a geek. (But I am not quite nerdy or geeky enough to be quite sure on the difference in the definitions of nerd and geek. However, I am friends with the sort of people who like arguing about the differences!)

Ivalaine, I take your point but I also think your suggested change isn't quite right either. The Y axis is actually the total number of threads in which Joss has made at least one post, taken from Jan 2005 up until the date listed on the X-axis. Which is a bit long to put on a Y-axis. I've altered it to make it clearer.
I have read Bluey's chart and the data reveal that . . . Joss is directing The Avengers. Follow my "reasoning."

If he weren't directing The Avengers, he would tell us. But if he is directing The Avengers, then he *can't* tell us, because the announcement is Marvel's to make.

Marvel will, of course, want to get maximum juice/buzz/more hip metaphor from any and all Avengers-related announcements, and if the Close-Coifed Tentpole Ringmaster were to post the news here first, then any formal Marvel announcement would leak juice, buzz faintly in the background and possibly need hip replacement.

His silence speaks eloquently. You have seen the scientifish evidence! Doubt not (unless you think you should).
Hear, Hear! Pointy

However, after the speculation in this thread I am torn between whether I would prefer Joss to direct the Avengers or for him to pursue a different project over which he has complete creative control. Though the 'evidence' such as it is I think supports the former more than the latter. Particularly since, I think if there was no hint of truth to the matter, Joss would come out and say so.
Ahh. Still misleading Bluey as it's actually accumulative no of posts I believe? So the graph actually contains the fact that there's been no posts in months by looking rather at the X axis. (Sorry I just finished submitting a 350 page thesis, so I'm still in nitpicky mode when it comes to data representation, it's nothing personal)

Would also work well as a wider graph with data for each month displayed in columns for the number of posts per month rather than an accumulation of the total number of posts. It shows some interesting trends. Like september is usually a slow month

Nicely done pulling out the data though.

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Slow down, Joss! Your horoscope for Monday, May 31, from Holiday Mathis:

CANCER (June 22-July 22). Put on the brakes. You're going a little too fast to notice what is happening around you. While it's a gift to have your caliber of ambition, you need to gauge where you are from time to time so you can adjust your course if need be.

Just don't speed past The Avengers. :=)
I've been very much aware (too much aware) of Joss not posting here for way longer than usual, and I had a fearful feeling that the mods/site owner taking down the 'Joss+post' link meant that he wouldn't be posting here ever again! Were they told to take that down? Did it have any hidden meaning, or am I making a mountain out of the proverbial mole hill?

However I am confident that Joss will have a lot of news to tell at Comic Con, and I guess I can wait to see what he says he is working on. I just wish I was going to be at Comic Con for all the excitement!
Perhaps someone inadvertently deleted the link while doing some housekeeping, then put it back again? I see it over there on the right when on the main page.
Indeed. It appears to have returned.
No conspiracy, no fire. It's been swell to have had Joss post as often as he has (in 120 threads, seriously? Never would have guessed it was that many), and there's no reason to believe he won't post again when he has the opportunity and desire. All good things . . .
I dood "The Joss Posting Frequency Chart" like this, with, as Bluey suggested, an insanely wide x-axis. (Direct link to full size view is here.)

Kindof interesting to look at it in terms of what was and was not going on over these past few years. His peak posting period thus far was, not surprisingly, during the WGA strike.

He'll be back. Whatever may occur, he will find us.

#nerd #dork #twit #geek
Well to satisfy mine (and possibly Ivalaine's) curiosity I have now got a column graph showing Joss's posts totaled per month rather than showing them accumalting, see here

The increase in posts by Joss for Nov and Dec '07 was because of the writers strike.

ETA: SNAP with QuoterGal! hehe - Great (geeky nerdy) minds must think alike!

And also to add: the ultra long month-by-month analysis was Ivalaine's idea, not mine.

And: I missed Ivalaine's link above to her own graph breaking it down by month a different way, see here

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Egg-zackly. ; >
So just to clarify, it's 'Serenity 2', he made it at the start of May and it's in German. Gotcha.

(must admit i've noticed the break in Purple Postage but just assumed he's busy and maybe slightly leery of early news after 'Dollhouse'. And also free not to of course. Bloody freedom, whose idea was that eh ? *shakes fist*)
We must all be bored if we are all sitting around philosophising about how often and when Joss decides to post on Whedonesque. Damn post-thesis brain. It keeps wanting to analyse data I see everywhere!

Also it should probably be noted, that my data at least is based purely on the number of threads, not the number of posts (I wasn't THAT bored)
I wasn't actually bored at all - it was just too easy and therefore tempting to do while doing another similar project. (I don't actually get bored, unless trapped in a staff or other organizational meeting while someone drones on & on.)

Yes, Saje, I think you're essentially correct, except as I read it (I don't read German) it's "Serenity Deux: Through the Looking-Glass" done as webisodes and in Yiddish.

It's an experiment.
Then I predict experimental success cos clearly it fills a yawning chasm in the entertainment landscape. In fact i'd go so far as to say it's already "a triumph ..." as well as "staggeringly original..." and also probably "breathtaking in its scope...". Mazeltov and what's more oy vey (and yep, that's all the Yiddish I know. Or it's all the Yiddish I know I know at least, like a lot of languages I probably know more without knowing I know it. Know what I mean ?)

(also lucky not to suffer much from boredom except when trapped with it. One happy side-effect of being flighty ;)
@Bluey, @Pointy, very refreshing graph, and very sound reasoning. I'm buying it. :)

On the Joss matter: I have been told that the article clarifying things up hopefully comes today, 18:00h European central time, in about 7 hours. Problem is, the editorial staff has been understaffed the last couple of days. So maybe it won't come out until tomorrow. I'm trying to encourage them, though. I may be annoying. :)

[ edited by Harridan on 2010-06-01 11:51 ]
Hey, I'm German! I want to be in this historical thread too!!

Ah, better now. :)

Yes, I am bored, and man enough to admit it. Without any new Joss goodness (that we certainly know of) coming our way - how else WOULD I feel?

I think Pointy's conlusion (that Joss can't tell us that he will be directing Avengers) makes a lot of sense. We don't have to translate/twist/extrapolate any quotes from the internet for that -- it just sounds right.

The (only?) other explanation would be that Joss has lost all interest in his fan base and mutated into "Joss Lucas".

Which is absurd.
I just heard about the news. I got a very lousy internet connection since last week and when i say lousy i mean 40 kbps as top speed!! What could i open with that kind of speed??? Thankfully my friend let me to borrow her modem for a day.

Anyway, that's really great and i just hope that it won't get cancelled to soon.
...and when i say lousy i mean 40 kbps as top speed!!

Kids today, sheesh ;-).
Saje, if that kind of speed hold i won't really care. The real problem is that speed only hold for like 5 minutes and then it drop to 0.0 kbps and i could make it go up again.
Maybe we should do a Joss dance in order to summon him? I believe Amy Acker is quite good at that kind of thing.
The real problem is that speed only hold for like 5 minutes and then it drop to 0.0 kbps ...

Ah fair enough The little asian, even back in the dark ages 0.0 kbps would've been unacceptable (infinity time is probably too long to wait for any page to load, even Whedonesque ;).
I agree with Vandelay. We need another Amy dance. Very excited to hear what this project is, if it turns out to be correct info. Kinda crazy that one line in a random German article has generated so much discussion and fantasising..
So when do we learn that it was past tense talking about Dollhouse? :) I lost track being mesmerized with all of the graphs and the new series of Doctor Who.
mmmmm Doctor Who... Is it Sunday yet? I believe we find out the english today or tomorrow. I doubt it was referring to Dollhouse, because Joss definitely did NOT have complete control over that.
I was being facetious -- after all of this buildup it's probably just a reference to DH2 or a web-series, though I would love it if it were an FX show. I'm just trying to control my vague excitement by downplaying it ;).
Yeah, the hazard of hope. With a serious head on momentarily, "absolute control" sounds web-based or at least short-form to me, what network is going to plonk down $20 million for a series and then stay completely hands-off ? Sounds implausible (with the usual caveat that a) I know nothing of networks of the TV kind and b) i'd be pants-wettingly excited to be proven wrong).

Kinda crazy that one line in a random German article has generated so much discussion and fantasising..

You must be new here ;-).
Yes, we have gotten excited from way less in the past ;).
Yeah, I get excited for no reason whatsoever!
I'm so excited I got dressed.
Whoa, late to the party here. I'm excited, even though I'm still not sure what the hell this means.
Obviously, the article has not been postet yet. We'll have to wait until tomorrow, I guess.
Either way, this has made for an entertaining week, even if nowt happens. I look forward to reminiscing about 'the German episode' in years to come...
I'm late to the party too, but like a true narcissist, I am going to insist upon sharing my thoughts anyway.

I'm so excited I got dressed.

gossi, you fool! You've doomed us all!

Yup. Still no post. I blame Germany (a nice international incident would be healthy right about now.)

It really doesn't sound like this could be DH2, considering it is compared to Dr. Horrible. Why would he say that his new project, Dr. Horrible 2, is very similar to Dr. Horrible? That feels redundant and unnatural. For the same reason you wouldn't say "my peanut butter and jelly sandwich is very similar to a sandwich."

Also, I tend to doubt that it is referring to The Avengers, because I find it really hard to believe that he has anywhere near the amount of creative control on The Avengers that he had with Dr. Horrible.

I also agree that the reason all has been quiet on the purple front is that anything Joss would say would have to include The Avengers, and Marvel won't let him say anything. That sounds very reasonable to me. Especially after all those pretty graphs.

So, I think that whatever Tahmoh is talking about is probably something we don't know about, but may be related to the meeting with FX.
For the same reason you wouldn't say "my peanut butter and jelly sandwich is very similar to a sandwich."

What if your PBJs are usually not very sandwich-like and you finally got it almost right?

Hey, something is possibly happening, or not, in German! And there are graphs! Maybe I should get dressed too....

It might surprise you all to hear that I would really like it if Joss Whedon directed the Avengers and got a new series on FX. I just blew your minds, didn't I?
They clarified the story but didn't really i.e. Joss' agent didn't comment.


Translated version of link:
That translation is hilarious. I'm going to take a "no comment" rather than a "no it's not true" to mean "YES IT'S TRUE JOSS WHEDON HAS A NEW SERIES COMING OUT NEXT WEEK!"
Saje, i'm not that new! :)
Heh, that was #314159 in my series "Slashdot Memes Tour Whedonesque" emmy, no offence meant ;).

I'm going to take a "no comment" rather than a "no it's not true" to mean "YES IT'S TRUE JOSS WHEDON HAS A NEW SERIES COMING OUT NEXT WEEK!"

That's just crazy. It makes way more sense to assume it's coming out tomorrow cos next week is ages away.

(and can I say how much I love the word "Heldenuniversium" ? A lot much is how much, maybe even loads much. To the extent that I kind of don't want to know what it means in case it spoils it)
I think this was my favorite part of the translated page:

"On the other Whedon projects is likely Tahmoh Penikett have little respect they have long been known: paving Whedon...

So beautifully put, it brings tears to my eyes... though it's not clear to me whether Joss will be doing the paving himself or getting paved, but either way I say bravo or maybe brava depending on who is doing the paving, 'cause you can't have too much paving. Or can you?

I tried translating it into Yiddish, but it didn't help.

אזוי גאיט עס (Asoj geyt es.)

Whaddya gonna do.
The Babelfish version is even more brilliant.


May fans be pleased of Joss Whedon on a new series from its feather/spring? The rumor-mongers bubble, after a Whedon Weggefährte from the sewing small box chatted. A speaker of the author wraps itself in silence.

A speaker
of the author
wraps itself in silence.

One leaf falls:


Po'try, sheer po'try.
That is the best thing I have read all day, thank you Simon!! I don't know what a Weggefahrte is (sounds smelly) but I love how it chats from a small sewing box (sorry, a sewing small box). Speaker of the author wraps itself in silence, indeed. Agents should always wrap themselves in silence instead of offering no comment. It would be so much more dramatic and exciting for all of us.
Oh, and love for Quotergal's po'try, too :).
I like how babelfish changed Amy Acker to Amy field..
Quotergal, what lovely po'try you write :)
Was ist diese mysteriös Whedonprojekt?
; >

Well, me and eek eek cummings - Simon's babelfish translation evoked this for me:

1(a... (a leaf falls on loneliness)
by e. e. cummings





Art is theft, right? Or am I mixing up my slogans?

ETA: Pointy, I love that such a pretty word as "angebliche" means "alleged". Nicht wahr? Or something?

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2010-06-01 20:47 ]
Meine talent der Deutschen
I've been sitting, with barely contained hysteria (murfleheekaffmyrph), reading all this, in my pants.
This whole thread has been one trippy ride!
I'm late to the party too. Thank you for translations, charts, and poetry - oh, my. Won't hold my breath on real news, but amusing nonetheless.

Can QuoterGal be in Big Brother:Whedonesque in a room doing a poetry slam while Gossi does an improvisational dance in his sat in pants?
Oh wow, I'm loving this thread! Not only has my conspiracy theory been debunked (for which I'm eternally grateful, because it gave me no pleasure), but people are making graphs and writing wacky haiku! Too cool.
And we as rumor-mongers will continue to bubble... :)
I love Babelfish so much, I had to try and translate Simon's translation to Italian and then back to English..
And, by doing so, I found out that "A loudspeaker of the author moves itself in Hush."
So we're back to Buffy, then?

Thank you all for one of the most entertaining threads ever..!
"A speaker of the author wraps itself in silence."

I think spies should say that to each other to make themselves known, it's miles better than "the crow flies at midnight".

Or it could be our secret Whedonesque meet and greet code phrase.
But I memorized all the mummy hand lines! Don't go changing the code now.
I suppose that one aspect of complete creative control is control over public notification that a project even exists... particularly in light of "Heart, Broken" talking about the cramping effects of public scrutiny on the creative process.

(FWIW, the lyrics of Remains also talk about the perspective of an artist on what "remains" from the creative process. I always interpret that song to be Jed & Maurissa's commentary on the writers' persective of trying to create within the fishbowl of Dollhouse production.)
"Listen very carefully, I shall only say this once:
'A speaker of the author wraps itself in silence.'"

I love us. Is there a thread were we can worship ourselves, too?
I hope Joss is reading this and getting as much entertainment out of it as I am. :)
Is there a thread were we can worship ourselves, too?

WSS. i.e. You must be new here. ;-)
The speculations have run wild and evolved into a curious form of language... it is surreal and dreamlike, and imbued with new meanings sprung forth from exotic auto translation inbreeding. 'Looking Glass' language... mad and wise, and mad...

Reminds me of another double Babelfish type translation story, the phrase "out of sight, out of mind" became "invisible idiot".
oh, goddess... I just died from laughter because of that bablefish thing... like teared up eyes, couldn't breathe.... it was great.
I would be grateful for a translation of the updated article in to English from a person (rather than a program) - would any Whedonesque german-speakers be so kind as to volunteer their time?

Also, 11thHour that is hilarious. As is most of this thread! I love this fandom.
Is it wrong that I only hear QuoterGal's po'try in William Shatner's voice?
Very wrong.
I've been laughing a lot with this thread now. I'm now adopting that phrase about wrapping oneself in silence. I like it.

and,bubblecat, you just infected me! I read it again and heard it on Shatner's voice as well.

I've decided that His Purple Highness isn't speaking because he can't, therefore he is directing The Avengers, Qui tacet consentire videtur , silence grants or however you say that in english.

[ edited by okelay on 2010-06-02 16:30 ]
Too bad babelfish doesn't have latin.
bubblecat: Is it wrong that I only hear QuoterGal's po'try in William Shatner's voice?

; >

Seems fair to me - I hear William Shatner's poetry in my voice.

But - maybe all poetry should always be heard "as read by William Shatner"?

Palin: Alaskan beat poet
Levi Johnston's Twits
My favorite Shatner reading

(Yeah, I too think the Jossir's lips must be temporarily sealed - for whatever reason[s].)
Funny, Morgan Freeman is reading QuoterGal's poetry to me. It's very soothing.

And I am really curious to see if there is any weight to any of these happenings at all.
It seems the original site,, has translated it's follow-up article into English, here.

'A speaker of the author wraps itself in silence' is translated into the disappointingly mundane 'His rep wouldn't comment'. (which I could have guessed as the meaning, but it's much less poetic this way!).
And a big thanks to WhyIwatch for pointing me over here as I've been too busy even for Whedonesque.
So, if I may sum up, QuoterGal is a poet. Too many people are new here including some of the mods.Joss hasn't posted here because his lips are sealed shut although he does seem to have told Tahmoh something. And all this knowledge was gained by Babelfish.
b!X - Awesome. 'His rep wouldn't comment' just doesn't have quite the same ring to it!
I want one!
Me too! One shirt plus one of these black market poetry fishes!
O Speaker! O Author! in silence you shall not wrap yourselves, but speaking, authoring, loquating, in Whedonian vistas and in Babelcomraderie shall you fish!

(Walt Whitman or Allen Ginsberg, not sure which)
'His rep wouldn't comment' just doesn't have quite the same ring to it!

JOSS: But I'm NOT the Messiah!
VOICE: But it is written, he who SAYS he is NOT the Messiah -- is the Messiah!
CROWD: The Messiah, the Messiah!!!
JOSS: All right -- I *AM* the Messiah!!
CROWD: The Messiah, the Messiah!!
'Long time watcher, first time writing' blah, blah, blah, blah.

But seriously, I'm using my first post on here, ever, after so many years because I just CAN'T CONTAIN how much I want
b!X's 'the speaker of the author wraps itself in silence' shirt.

Also, I've watched so many of these threads unfold, especially surrounding scraps of Dollhouse information, and now I want to feel like part of this. I, too, will cling in complete denial to a few mistranslated phrases and hope that they spell out a new television series, a Serenity 2 in addition to the renewal of Firefly, a Dr. Horrible trilogy, The Avengers, the realization that Joss should direct ALL episodes of glee, the realization that Joss should do Wonder Woman, um, ah... let's see. I'm sure my entertainment fantasies extend further. What else is on whedonesque-ites wish lists? Do people still hope for a Ripper movie?

for now, I'm just going to repeat 'a speaker of the author wraps itself in silence' under my breath as a mantra.
How's the cloning patent coming along cuz I think we need several Josses for all that. Or, in the alternative, give him Dr. Manhattan's powers to be in different places at the same time.
This thread makes me hope that the next hint is dropped by Amy Acker in a Lithuanian interview, and then another by Alan Tudyk in Basque...
or maybe in Chinese, since we all know that is the Whedonites fave future language...
@serienjunkies tweeted tonight:

"To our friends who don't wanna trust Google Translate (@whedonesque), we now have our #JossWhedon news in English - /can"

I expect them to have laughed quite a bit about this thread too. Who would have thought, that German is this poetic! The "the speaker wraps himself in silence"-quote is great but I think, the "sewing small box" is even better. Both correct translations by the way - I have to find out, where that last saying comes from.
...I just did and nearly puked, because it comes from one of these books, that you are forced to read at school and never touch again after.
Anyway, if you are interested, google "aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern" and then have fun with the translations!

[ edited by Akela on 2010-06-02 06:38 ]
Hi Akela, your link above does not work. However, a link that does work to what I believe is the same website is:
(I linked it previously upthread).
Hi Bluey,
thanks a bunch, your are totally right, yours is the correct link. I just wanted to show the tweet.
So many things can torpedo a deal-in-the-making. Not surprised that there's going to be no info until something is actually signed & sealed.
Funny, Morgan Freeman is reading QuoterGal's poetry to me. It's very soothing.

That's cos no inner reading voice would be the same without Morgan Freeman.

This thread makes me hope that the next hint is dropped by Amy Acker in a Lithuanian interview, and then another by Alan Tudyk in Basque...

... in the style of William Shatner. Then Nathan Fillion in Proto-Indo-European (I mean he MUST speak it, he was training as a teacher after all - Canada can't have fallen that far from the tree). What better way to get news about forthcoming projects ? At the very least we'd be ideally prepared for a career in cryptanalysis afterwards.

(and can those T-shirts be made real ? Couldn't afford one myself at the moment but it'd warm the cockles just knowing someone was wearing one)
Saje: (and can those T-shirts be made real ? Couldn't afford one myself at the moment but it'd warm the cockles just knowing someone was wearing one)

Prepare to have your cockles warmed posthaste, Saje: I think they can be made real already with the click of the mouse (and the use of your credit card) if you use this link. Spreadshirt does nice quality, and looking at the price, b!X has forgone any designer mark-up/profit, so they're relatively inexpensive.

Niiice job, b!X.

Further translation brings us this:

"01000001 00100000 01110011 01110000 01100101 01100001 01101011 01100101 01110010 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110101 01110100 01101000 01101111 01110010 00100000 01110111 01110010 01100001 01110000 01110011 00100000 01101001 01110100 01110011 01100101 01101100 01100110 00100000 01101001 01101110 00100000 01110011 01101001 01101100 01100101 01101110 01100011 01100101 00101110"

And "Translation Party" had this to say on the subject which doesn't get us much forwarder.

So, um, there you go.
I think they can be made real already with the click of the mouse ...

Huzzah, truly the tubes can do anything !

And after applying military grade encryption*:

"N fcrnxre bs gur nhgube jencf vgfrys va fvyrapr."

* for militaries before the 1st century AD anyway
QuoterGal, your poetry is sheer awesomeness. Serienjunkies has the article in English as well now. I guess it doesn't help, though. (shrug) Hope we get some crunchy bits soon.

[ edited by Harridan on 2010-06-02 11:48 ]
B!X That T-shirt is pure awesome!!!

My head has officially turned into a generator of Joss project possibilities... Hopefully there will be more news to come soon.
okelay, sorry for the late reply, but the translation of the latin reads, Silence grants consent and the correct Latin spelling is Qui tacet consentire videtur. Sorry about the correction...i'm really picky, yet my German sucks! Oh Babelfish how you infuriate yet entertain me in equal amounts!!
BTW, B!X, I want that t-shirt!!

[ edited by BlueSkies on 2010-06-02 13:49 ]
This is possibly the most entertaining thread in the history of whedonesque ever.
Lots of LOL, but the Babelfish translation had me literally in tears. :)
Blueskies, yes, I noticed I'd missed an r at the end after I posted it. and like I said, I didn't actually know the english phrase for it. I know it in spanish and latin.
Ahh, I already have the zeitgeist-designed "Murder Rubicon" t-shirt, MUST get the new B!X design!
Ahem, just looked at the "categories" for the t-shirt (following QG's link). Ahem, I say again ;).
I'll add other shirt sizes when I get home. And yes, no
markup on the price.
catherine: Ahem, just looked at the "categories" for the t-shirt (following QG's link). Ahem, I say again ;).

Ah, are you aheming about the See * Next Thursday?

'Cause here's the "Film at 11:00p" on that little tale.

Akela: I have to find out, where that last saying comes from.
...I just did and nearly puked, because it comes from one of these books, that you are forced to read at school and never touch again after.

Really, Akela? From the description of Effi Briest here (and notsomuch yours ; > ) it sounds like a book I'd really like to read. I'd heard of it in passing before, but somehow never checked it out.

But now I'm gonna - it actually sounds like just my kind of thing.

Were you tormented by it in school? I felt tormented by Silas Marner, even though it's by an author I now love.
I just wanted to be the 200th comment.
The actual English translation is far less nuanced and interesting than the Babelfish translation. And far less poetic.
Aha, thanks QG. It made me laugh even without the backstory, but context is (as I am often being reminded by some people who is one person who is married to me) a good and helpful thing.
I'm just catching up on this thread, and the whole thing has brightened up my morning, all potential news aside. Whedonesquies are awesome :)
Too little too late, probably, but just so I can one day tell people I took part in the infamous Whedonesque-thread "The casual quote that expanded into a universe of poetry and laughter" (Das beiläufige Zitat das zum poetisches Universum voller Heiterkeit ausdehnte - correct me on the inflections, I'm no native speaker either):

Heldenuniversum - heroes' universe
Weggefährte - the one that left

Or maybe it was all just a Tahm sham. With graphs.
Weggefährte means "traveling companion" or "fellow". Thus taking the fun out of things, sorry. :)
Facts eh, they're always spoiling our fun ;).

(I like "heroes' universe" though and in general the whole "one big word for a concept" aspect of German has always appealed, like schadenfraude or gedankenexperiment - though the latter isn't strictly German as I understand it)

ETF a brain-fart. Though I do also like "hero's universe".

[ edited by Saje on 2010-06-04 11:24 ]
Ach sooo. I didn't know the word Gefahrte, thought it just came from wegfahren, but its true meaning makes that babelfish-translation a little more sensible. (Whereas, if it had meant "one who left", the doors would be open for new speculations: did someone who fell out with Joss refuse to give further information? Etc. etc.

Saje, just wait until you get to the concept of the Schachtelnsatz...
Had to look up ETF in the Urban Dictionary (Google just gave me financial links, that couldn't possibly be what you were saying). Nice. Also: brain-fart. Heh. Will be using that one from now on.
BableFish gave me the following amusing translation as part of Tamoh's answer to the question about the end of Dollhouse:

I was allowed to valley-animal-test however with some humans at all to co-operate.

I love bad translations, especially on packaging from China. Usually I can figure out what the original meaning was, but with this one I'm at a loss. :-)

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