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June 01 2010

Dollhouse Party in Vienna, Austria tonight! If you're in town, there seems to be a Dollhouse themed party at one of the clubs.

You know you don't want to miss it!

Very decadent.
Wow - I want to go!
I'm missing it by less than three weeks :( If only it wasn't a Tuesday!
Two hours left at work for me
Video homages to the characters!
Obviously someone in America should try something similar, or maybe a Browncoat party somewhere, or a new Bronze or Caritas.
Dammit, for once an event in Austria and I didn't know about it in time to go to Vienna :(
The party was also a release party for the new, completely Dollhouse-related issue of Hommage, so for those of you who missed it there's still 60 pages of fanzine to be had. :)
I expect my copy to be waiting for me when I come visit!

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