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June 01 2010

Mrs Reynolds stars in new Broken Bells video. No, I've never heard of them either.

The song is "Ghost Inside." New York Magazine also has the video.

Awesome band, and definitely my favorite song on the album. Video isn't available in the US at the moment though :(
Not available in Canada, either. I hope a mirror goes up for it soon!
James Mercer's (of The Shins) new moniker. Getting a lot of chatter if you follow indie music.
I felt really bad for her character. :(

I like the idea of the song playing during the video, rather than the stars miming the words.
I can't see the video yet either, but I adore Broken Bells. It's not only the lead singer from the Shins, he's collaborating with DangerMouse (half of Gnarls Barkley).
Didn't we have this post up when the video was first announced?

I'm so out of touch w/music these days that I have no clue who any of these people are. Well, except the lovely, curvaceous Christina, of course.
Which song is she in the video for? I can't access the linked video. I really dig Broken Bells, they played a sold out show recently here in the northwest.
Sounds too much like Gorillaz. I know you can't be creative in a vacuum and all, but this is quite close to being someone else. Unless it's produced by Dangermouse. Nice though.
If you google the song title and band, you can find a viewable video. It's a sad tale indeed.
This was posted before, and is still awesome.
Yeah this was posted before, but the video, song, and Christina were lovely. I couldn't open it from this link as it was on a UK only site, but I found it by googling a little bit. It's worth a watch.

And may I add, I am gay, but I still cannot get enough of watching Miss YoSaffBridge do her thing. She is so lovely!
Unless it's produced by Dangermouse

It is Danger Mouse!
Christina never disappoints.
Best acted MV I've seen in a long time.
Very sad agreed. CH, you heart breaker!
Here's a new link.

Awesome video. Nice to see Christina on a spaceship again.
Nicely done. Plays like a sad Twilight Zone episode.
Random question for any American people here; when trying to watch the video do you still see the advert before being region locked?

I always find it amusing that it happens to me when I try and watch stuff on certain American sites. "We don't want you watching this, but an advert is fine"
Nice video! No ad on the Guardian site from the U.S.
I have an idea! I'll make a popular, creative music video. When I distribute it, I'll make tons MORE money by not allowing people in certain countries to see it!

Umm, just gotta figure out how to make that last part work...
lol - quantumac

After finding a stream available in the the US to watch and liking it, I bought it a copy off iTunes. (See megacorps, that's how it works)

Now if I could just figure out how to rescue Christina from BB117... :)

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