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June 01 2010

Happy Birthday Morena Baccarin and Jewel Staite! A two-fer! Click here to visit Jewel Staite's imdb page.

Side note: is there anything that can be done about Jewel's picture in the upper border of the front page? That's gotta be the worst picture I have seen of her, it actually took me a second before I realized it was her upon first look.

Crazy! They have the same birthday as my two dads (biological and step).
Happy birthday, Morena and Jewel!
Happy birthday to Morena, Jewel and me! ;-)

I didn't realize they had the exact same birthday as me. Nifty.
That's gotta be the worst picture I have seen of her, it actually took me a second before I realized it was her upon first look.

The one of David Boreanaz isn't exactly his best side either ;).

(strictly it's a picture of Kaylee not Jewel and as such pretty representative IMO. Of 'Firefly' Kaylee anyway)

Happy birthday to Jewel, Morena, Emmie and both 10th Crew Member's dads and (potentially though probably not really) the 18+ million others whose birthday it is today. May you all have many more (unless you're a serial killer, which statistically speaking some of you seem fairly likely to be, in which case you've probably had more than your fair share already).
Wow, the same day? Happy birthday to them!
I didn't know they had the same birthday. and a whedonesquer,too! awesome day to be born it seems.
Saje, unless you're Dexter Morgan in which case you're totally making me question my moral guidelines but it's cool I guess. Making the world a safer place, one serial killing at a time.
Happy birthday to two of my favorite Whedonverse ladies!
True The Xan Man, all blanket statements about serial killers should probably be accompanied by a Dexter Morgan caveat ;).
Happy Birthday to Morena!
Happy Birthday to Jewel!
Happy Birthday to 10th Crew Member's two dads!
Happy Birthday, Emmy!

Happy birthday all.
Happy birthday to two very lovely ladies! :)
This whole thread is just another living example to the birthday paradox - it's actually pretty likely for two actors from the whedonverse to share the same birthday.

... so hey! It's my first post and what not... kinda thought it would be a bit more meaningful than just pointing out a fact (considering how long I've been lurking here).
I share a birthday with two 'Fiefly' stars? Awesome!

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