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June 02 2010

EW's picks for a new "Hobbit" director. Joss comes in at number 13.

While it's always fun to speculate, hopefully he'll be too busy with The Avengers.
"Plus, with his luck, it'll get canceled after the first film."

Ah, it never gets old!
Y'know, actually not. No offence to big fans of 'The Hobbit' but tone and subject matter apart, it's a 4 year commitment for two films (based on one thin book) that i'm happy to watch BUT not desperate to see. Purely selfishly, i'd rather he did his own stuff or if it's someone else's script (*cough Avengers *cough* ;) then at least set aside a shorter time for it so there're more opportunities for different Purple Projects within the same time.

(and purely realistically, as always, i'd rather he did what he wants)
I'm in pretty much the same position as Saje, I would much rather see Joss do his own thing. I was in the same position with Del Toro too, particularly as I don't like the Tolkien style fantasy very much.

I'm not even that fussed on Joss doing The Avengers, but if it latter allows him to do his own thing then I am all for it. If he had to spent another 4 years (at least) working on The Hobbit too, I would really be disappointed.
I don't see Joss on the Hobbit, not really his thing. I'm afraid it will be too much Middle-earthy.

On the list they have the only two I would like to see as directors of The Hobbit are Neill Blomkamp and Alfonso Cuarón.

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Plus,a s professional as Joss is, he is abit of an auteur and his philosophical outlook is so very different from Tolkien's so I'm dubious as to the fit.
Terry Gilliam directing the Hobbit - now wouldn't that be a trip.
I think it's always good to see his name thrown around to and keep his name in the heads of those who are not hardcore fans like us here. But The Hobbit is not the right project for Joss.
Love Joss and love "The Hobbit." I also love oranges and gravy. Some things do not belong together.

Also, I hate how this perpetuates the myth that J.J. Abrams ran "Lost." He left very, very, very early on. C'mon.

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I have no idea why they're trying to make The Hobbit. Obviously, money, but they kind of sapped all the fun out of the franchise with the 3rd, and I don't know that there's anything new to say about it all. On a Joss note, however much they tried to beef up the female roles in LOTR, I doubt that there's much for him to enjoy...
I'm with Kesty, I think Alfonso Cuaron would be a great match with the Hobbit.

I'm not sure I understand the "I don't know that there's anything new to say about it all."

The Hobbit is an entirely different story than LotR with different themes, aimed at a different audience. It would have as much to 'say' as, well... any other fantasy film in the genre. LotR isn't the be all end all of Middle-earth.
The only person I'd really like to see direct from this list is Alfonso Cuarón. But that's because I just want to see any movie by Cuarón. He's always got a bunch in development, but they are taking so long to get made.

I doubt it will be anyone on this list that takes over The Hobbit. It's just too long a time commitment, plus the fact it's not even green-lighted yet, for a top director to just put his own career aspirations on hold. Thats why Del Toro left. I think it will eventually come down to a relatively new and unknown director, or Jackson will just bite the bullet and direct himself.
I'm way behind on entertainment news, didn't realize del Toro had left. Any chance he's gonna give us the third Hellboy flick to tie up what was teased by the end of the second one ?

No on Cameron, Fincher, and Tarantino . Would rather see what else they have in store. Dunno about Smith. Interesting.

Dunno about Fran Walsh (Peter Jackson's wife/partner). Can't see the studio taking a chance on her. If the IMDB's still correct, glad to see that she, Jackson, and Philippa Boyens are still on script duties (wonder if del Toro made any lasting contributions, since he's also credit for writing/adapting).

I could see Jean-Pierre Jeunet on it. Amelie and A Very Long Engagement are favorites (and hey, I liked the look of Alien Resurrection and a few keys scenes). Haven't seen his older stuff yet. His style might fit perfectly with how The Hobbit sometimes felt while reading it.

Hah, would love to see Lynch on it if only to see people go crazy (many not in the good way) about the oddball choice. He'd probably make an interesting Hobbit too, so long as he could be made to keep to the book's contents, not change too much (it would seem The Hobbit would be harder to screw up in the book-to-film adapting, compared to LotR, and not just because of length).

Would be eager to see Kathryn Bigelow make The Hobbit.

Aw, I liked Rent, what have they got against Rent ? Chris Columbus does fine most of the time, but he's not in the same league as most of the others in that article. He might be the safe choice for these two films though.

If District 9 is what Neill Blomkamp gives us as his first feature, I think that's a good indication that he's at least capable of pulling off The Hobbit. But given how much I enjoyed District 9, I'd rather see what else he has in mind now that he can make just about whatever film he wants next. Would definitely be excited if they gave The Hobbit to him though.

Abrams would almost be a natural fit for this (he hasn't produced anything that was solely his idea in years--he added to/adjusted Lost after someone else at ABC thought up the basic concept, he did the third Mission Impossible, and then he rebooted the Trek franchise). However, if there's any chance he's maybe planning on giving us something purely JJ any time soon, I'd rather see that than have yet another adaptation by him.

Could see Cuaron on it easily. Y Tu Mama Tambien is one of my favorite films and, although I wasn't 100% thrilled with The Prisoner of Azkaban in terms of how much of the third Harry Potter it was able to fit in, it at least looked the best out of the first three film adaptations and suitably grew the series up (haven't read more than the first three books or seen beyond movie #3 either, kinda let the Potter craze slip by me). Also, Cuaron did Children of Men.

Eh, I'm sick of Raimi.

Will happily go see The Hobbit in theatres, but I'm way more eager to see someone attempt a big-budget Silmarillion on HBO, Showtime, FX, or something cable (if Spielberg and Hanks can make meticulous, ridiculously well put together World War 2 mini-series every ten years, why not another creative team with the money, name clout, and interest?). That's my favorite piece (or collection of pieces) of Middle-Earth. If The Hobbit ends up being as bankable as LotR, maybe they'll consider it.
I love Joss and agree with most of you: I don't want to see him doing a straight-up, no-nonsense medieval fantasy epic like The Hobbit. I don't think it would suit his talents and frankly, only one of the proposed directors excites me at all because I thought del Toro was the perfect director, and if Peter Jackson isn't willing to take it up...

... Cuaron would be my favorite as well. I actually really liked his Harry Potter adaptation; he may have left things out, but he managed to get the heart of it right, and the performances he got out of those kids were the best of the series. His movie is really the best of the entire series. And it doesn't hurt that he did some excellent independent work as well: Y Tu Mama Tambien and Children of Men.

An out of left field choice: what about Neil Jordan? He does small-scale Brit indie movies, but I really love his sensibility for the fantastic.
'Prisoner of Azkaban' is the first Potter film that felt like a film to me (rather than a by-the-numbers transfer - note, not adaptation - of a book) and though I like but don't love 'Children of Men', the direction is definitely one of the things that made it worth watching so Cuaron would probably be my pick.

But given how much I enjoyed District 9, I'd rather see what else he has in mind now that he can make just about whatever film he wants next.

Yeah, that's already what's happening Kris (he's got an unnamed original sci-fi project in the works now and 'District 10' somewhere down the line so he's probably also too busy for the next 2-3 years). I'm also very keen to see what he comes up with BTW, just hoping more money doesn't mean less creativity.
Nah. Joss would kill Bilbo.
Neil Jordan is actually a very interesting idea. From The Crying Game to Interview With The Vampire, he's certainly proven both talent and versatility.
Alfonso Cuarón definitely. And Lynch should be brought in whenever Bilbo puts on the Ring. :P

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