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June 02 2010

A first look at 'Hawaii Five-O' with Daniel Dae Kim and guest star James Marsters. The Hollywood Reporter's impressions on the pilot & the first full-length trailer.

The Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed blog gives their impressions on the pilot & posts the first full-length trailer for the new fall series (look out for the two Whedonverse alum!)

Let's hope for the cast to settle in as it goes on! And the Network to give it a chance for them to do so.
The trailer looks fun. Nothing staggeringly original, but fun.
James! Kinda looks like a hit. Not my kind of show, but I'll watch it for James.
Oooh that sounds quite positive! I thought the trailer looked fairly funny in an A-Team sort of way. And I second the 'give Grace Park a sandwich' appeal. Yikes...
I forgot how cool that theme song was. Or maybe the new version amped it up to be more exciting than I remember.
OK, I'm always glad to see Whedon alums get work & Hawaii is pretty--I'll tune in.

But, as a Lost fan, I really want more of the Miles & Sawyer Buddy Cop Show.
That review makes me not want to watch. But I'll watch for James when he's on. It'll be like Criminal Minds and Nicky.
Your apology is noted. Acceptance is pending. I think there's some pretty snappy writing in that short video so I am looking forward to a whole lot more of that kind of interaction between all of them. Have to defend Scott Caan for a moment, after reading, Scott Caan ... wildly gesticulating. He's supposed to be sort of you know, high energy, from the east coast, but I didn't see what that writer saw. No, not great art but it looks like it could be hugely entertaining; hot men, some of whom can act, fast cars, surfing, beautiful scenery, and hopefully more than one Whedon guest star (and yes, I will be hoping for some other Lost cast members to pop up).
My reaction to that "waiting for your apology" sequence is that the writers of Justified would have conveyed it with one sentence from each actor and it would have had twice the punch. But Justified is a show you can't go out for a smoke in the middle of and expect not to miss anything.

If this is an example of what they consider their best stuff, I'll be tuning in occasionally, for the reasons Tonya lists.

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