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November 24 2003

TV Gal Ranks TV Deaths 2 Buffy Characters deaths make it on to her list as Most Honest Portrayal of Death and Best Death for Plot Development Purposes.

Most Honest Portrayal of Death: Joyce Summers on "Buffy." From Buffy's numb and disconnected reaction to her friends' utter helplessness, this is the episode that got everything right.

Best Death for Plot Development Purposes: Jenny Calendar on "Buffy." The consequences of Angel's deplorable and unforgivable actions ricocheted throughout season two and beyond.

I'm shocked... no Tara?
No Darla, huh? Ah well, I know the actual character isn't a fan-favorite accross the board (and although Julie Benz often held her own, I think she was outdone by most of the other Buffy and Angel actors), but I thought her death was one of the most beautiful and fitting ends a fictional character has ever had.
Tara's death was affecting because fans of "Buffy" knew and loved the character, but in terms of the best deaths on TV it wasn't that special, I don't think.
I would have had Doyle's death in the second category. A very moving scene and set up the whole Cordy plotline for the next couple of seasons.
Gotta disagree Simon... Doyle's death was kind of sappy IMHO & more importantly, what ever happened to those horribly threatening & dangerously well organized Nazi demons?
I agree with Simon...maybe I'm a sap, but I was bawling after the closing scene when Cordy and Angel watched the tape..."Is that it? I done?"

And it certainly did move Cordy's character to an entirely new level.

Jenny's death was extremely powerful, too. A hard choice, but the plot could have continued to develop withouut her dying, so I'd go with Doyle.

And: no argument with TV Gal at all about Joyce.
I don't think anyone would argue with the death of Joyce. But I do feel Jenny's murder was shocking and unexpected. Jenny was definitely part of the group and everyone liked her. She was Giles love interest and even though Buffy wanted to hate her for her part in what happened to Angel, she just couldn't. The death of Jenny was to show just how real Angelus was and it was majorly important to the storyline with how Angel was seen by everyone else after his soul was restored. Buffy was the only one who could truly forgive him.

Doyle's death really moved me as well but I agree the "Nazi Demon" storyline was weak and that takes away from the impact of his death. Darla's death was extremely shocking as well and unexpected. And Tara, sigh, poor Tara, that was something that I had found out accidentally before the episode aired and yet it was still so shocking when it happened. I think it would've had more impact though if they hadn't had Willow's character go nuts and if we had had some time to absorb with the characters their feelings of the loss of Tara. Dawn coming home to the empty house only to find Tara's body was a very sad moment. Then also some could argue that Jesse's death way back in the beginning was shocking because no one knew yet quite what the show was going to be about. And I can't believe no one mentioned Spike's "death". Probably because just about everyone knew before we saw him "die" that he wouldn't be dead for long. I also can't believe that Buffy's sacrifice in "The Gift" wasn't mentioned either. I cannot watch that scene without breaking down sobbing no matter how many times I watch it. And whether you loved the last couple seasons or hated them, Buffy's death and resurrection changed the show drastically.
Yeah, blwessels, Buffy's ultimate could I have overlooked that?

Wife and I are just like you...have watched it well over a dozen times, and tears always flow. Kind of like when Othello kills Desdemona or when Lear carries the limp and lifeless Cordelia...that's what real art can do to you.
The way I saw it, Willow was just angry and in vengeance mode immediately after Tara died. It wasn't until the end of Grave that you see her actually break down and start crying on Xander. To me, that's the moment that you can really see Tara's death sink in for her.
I never picked up on it the first time around, but the second time watching it I got all teary eyed because you can really see that sad realization kick in.

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