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June 02 2010

A Sporcle trivia quiz on actors who've been in multiple Joss projects. A trivia quiz posted today on Sporcle lists actors who have played multiple characters in Joss Whedon projects. You remember the characters, but can you remember their names?

I'm kind of addicted to Sporcle, so I got really excited when I saw this was posted! I did ok. I couldn't remember the names of 7 of them (the seven most missed answers). But that was REALLY fun! : )
I know who Jonathan Woodward is, but I could NOT remember any of his character names! Doesn't 'CWDP' count? What about 'Ilyria's priest'?

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Sweet. I got all but seven, and those were the minor Buffy/Angel/Firefly characters that I wasn't as familar with or hadn't seen before.
I missed three: One of Andy's and two of Carlos' characters. =/
Booyah! I got them all in 3 min 45 seconds! They left off alot though. Charisma Carpenter, James Marsters, Seth Green....unless he wasn't allowing for a crossing of characters. Then there's Mark Sheppard and Gregg Henry. Dr Horrible should have been on the list, with a listing for Nathan and Felicia.
Yay, I love Sporcle!
I got 24!! Good quiz!! Missed 1 of Carlos (Angel) and both of Andy's. I was like, who? But very fun challenge!
I missed eight (Carlos Jacott, Andy Umberger, and two Jonathan Woodwards). I missed Summer's role on Angel too ... I was trying to remember whether the character had ever been given a name, and didn't think of putting "prima ballerina." Oh well.
Missed the same ones as most people apparently, but I had NO idea that Jonathan Woodward played Tracey. Now I need to rewatch The Message.
I had trouble on the ones most everyone did -- Jacott, Woodward, and Umberger) but I got all but six right. I randomly guessed D'Hoffryn and found that Umberger had played him. I managed to dredge up Hamilton... I also remembered Jacott saying his first name in that slightly-shamefaced manner and thought I could piece it together, but no, "Lawrence" eluded me.

Only reason I got all of Summer's is because I remembered her character didn't have a name at all.
No Tanoai Reed? For shame.
Struggled with Jacott and Umberger, managed to remember two of Woodward's characters and completely blanked out on Felicia for some reason. Guessed the name of the ballet - Giselle - for Summer's role in Angel only to figure out she didn't even have a name. But all in all, really fun!
Anyone else notice that it does accept Captain Hammer and Penny? It just doesn't give extra credit for them! Harumph!
I can't think about this quiz. I'm still trying to figure out what Sporkle means. What would be the purpose of a little spork? Free sampling of both froyo and broken cookie bits at the corner shop?

FWIW, their own FAQ deflects What does Sporcle mean?
It doesn't really mean much of anything. But...can you tell me what 'flickr' means?

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Got 24/27. Got confused between Carlos Jacott and Jack Conley.
I would suck on a game show. As soon as the clock started my brain froze. I couldn't even remember Mal Reynolds, Holden Webster or Summer's name on Dollhouse. Although to be fair the ballerina kinda threw me off. Then again they gave me Alexis character when I typed in Senator.
I missed one of Summer's, because I was trying to think of an actual name. Sneaky.
Looks like I just miserably failed my Joss-exam :(

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