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June 03 2010

(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty to draw The Batman. Georges is coming in to draw #4 of The Return of Bruce Wayne. Each comic is drawn by a separate artist, so this is a one off deal. (Spoilers are minor at best, and only for the Batman comic.)

Err, for those not in the know, they're now IN THE KNOW !! By which I mean, might be an idea not to include spoilers in the main link description (fair enough, if you read RIP and know comics then you'd have an idea that, basically, Batman - the real one I mean - WILL return but it's maybe still a bit spoilery. Better safe than forever resented by the internets right ? ;).

Could be cool, it'll be interesting to see if/how he changes his style for ol' long ears. I think Bruce Wayne's nose will probably be less perky and cute for instance ;).

ETA: Nice one Sparticus, the internets do favour you once again ;).

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Haha! I wasn't sure how much I could get away with, but as all those comics are out already, and the only real spoiler is that which apart from the Jeanty news has already been revealed when the series premise first became known (which in fairness, was kinda at the end of the cliff-hanger of final crisis) I thought I'd give it a try! Ridiculous plot line, but if anyone can pull it off, it's Grant Morrison.
Personally i'd no problems with the (original) wording you used cos as you say, given the end of Final Crisis (good point BTW, it's not RIP as I say above which ends with an entirely different image) and the nature of comics (or any character that's been around continuously for 70+ years) we kinda knew what was gonna happen. It's just that when you're posting a story there's a box to put the blurb that'll show up on the front page and a box where you can add stuff that only shows up after clicking into the thread itself so for spoiler threads it makes sense to stick anything spoilery after the "More..." IMO, to give people the choice of clicking or not.

And yep, glad Morrison's doing it cos a) he's good and b) the "journey through the continuity" meta-idea was his to begin with so who better to extend/conclude it. But also agreed that - as with Final Crisis IMO - it might be an idea that works better at the meta level than it does as an actual story (it's sometimes more his clever ideas than the story itself that I like about Morrison). Ambitious though, you have to give him that.
[I]t's sometimes more his clever ideas than the story itself that I like about Morrison.

That is probably the best way of explaining Grant Morrison's charms ever. That and Frank Quitely
I hope this doesn't delay Buffy's final arc....
Is that the arc when it's revealed that it was really Bruce Wayne and not Angel in the last issue?

Hey, wasn't Boreanaz tied by some to Batman before Mr. Bales was cast?
Cool,good to see Jeanty getting some mainstream work with one of the big two. I hope this leads to more high profile work for him.
If Georges has time to do this issue of Batman, it makes me worry that the Buffy scripts aren't done and now there could be delays...
Cool,good to see Jeanty getting some mainstream work with one of the big two.

Jeanty has worked for both DC and Marvel before.
One step closer to the Batman/Buffy crossover I've always wanted...
It's as likely with him as anyone, cross-over wise Batman's kinda slutty ;).

(and Joss apparently already knows who'd win)
Jeanty has worked for both DC and Marvel before.

The American Way is well worth picking up. I really enjoyed his artwork for that mini-series.
Does everyone not know the rules of "Who would win in a fight?" The rules are, the winner is always whoever can argue the point the best, but if you argue that anyone could beat Batman, Chuck Norris, or Jesus you automatically lose. (And for the record, it goes Chuck Norris loses to the Batman, Batman loses to Jesus. Jesus wins everything.)
Well you know how good Buffy is with rules. Not very.

Ok, having looked at the art: not at all what I was expecting. Like the art but the context makes no sense.

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Well you try carrying off a cowl and a ;).

And Batman wins, Batman always wins. I think Jesus would probably let him out of sympathy (although I wouldn't totally rule out some kind of anti-divinity armour either). Still pretty keen to find out how Joss has it playing out though.

(three uninked, uncoloured pages don't really provide any context IMO Sunfire but the gist is )
Jeanty has worked for both DC and Marvel before.

I realize that. I should have said MORE mainstream work.
I've been reading Morrison's whole run and all the Batman books.Looking forward to Jeanty on this issue.

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