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June 03 2010

DVD Verdict reviews Dr. Horrible on Blu-ray. As well as The Guild: Season 3 on DVD.

Everyone loves Dr. Horrible (why would they not?!), but what is the point of Blu-ray?
The effects might be a little too cheap for Blu-Ray, but that's just not the point in this case.

Some folks stop buying the old format once a new format arrives. So why not have it on BR, if it sells more copies?
@embers: As the review points out, if you have the DVD, probably not as pointy. But he does state, "Audio is where this disc noticeably improves over its DVD predecessor, albeit in a confusing fashion..."
Writer says "I'd kill for subtitles for this thing." Seems like the words for the songs on commentary are online somewhere.

Found them.

Commentary! Lyrics/Liner Notes
Sent the Judge an email with the link.

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