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June 05 2010

Amy Acker to appear at WhedonFest Toronto. She is scheduled to join Nicholas Brendon as a guest at WhedonFest in Toronto October 1-3.

This is my first story posted on Whedonesque - I hope I did it right!

Also, as far as attending goes, I'm pretty sure Nicky and Amy are worth the bucks on the trip from New York. For me, at least.

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Hmmm. If this is on one of my long weekends, I might consider the drive from Detroit. I've never been to a Whedon-only con. :)
Cabri, if you can come, you have a place to stay! I'm excited about both these actors as I've never met either although I saw both at ME day.
Although I'm sure it is happenstance, the guests are being announced in order of when the shows were on. Do you suppose a Firefly actor is next?
Lioness, I hope your theory is correct about the guest announcements. I was worried they were being announced in reverse alphabetical order. Definitely looking forward to this.

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