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November 25 2003

More Michelle Trachtenberg in Euro Trip Definitely work-unfriendly.

So, who here besides me is having a major case of the wiggins from seeing Michelle in this pic?

I just took a look, and it's safe for work. No nudity. But is it tasteful enough for work? That's up to you. Did I get a case of the wiggins? Nah.
... Dawnie?

does she actually think she's turning anyone on by doing that?
It's a production shot from the movie..."She" doesn't think anything...she does what the script says...
Is it just me, or does anyone else hear Buffy's voice screaming in your head after seeing that pic?
it's just not u
After AH in American Pie, MT ... :(
>>It's a production shot from the movie..."She" doesn't think anything...she does what the script says... <<

i was talking about the character that she plays...otherwise i would've said Michelle
weird, but my "wiggins" meter went right past the "OMG-Dawnie" reaction to "OMG-little Nona Mecklenberg!"

for those too young to make the connection, Nona was tiny adorable MT's character on Adventures of Pete and Pete

but, I did have a wiggins...
Major wiggins...

Oh, Harriet:
I just realized that this photo is just *screaming* for a Zachsmind comment. :(
I hope this doesn't cast me straight into the pits of "he's a sick perverted bastard" hell or anything, but it's worth noting that Michelle Trachtenberg DID just turn 18. It's not like anyone is gawking at kiddie-porn or anything... *shrug*

That being said, I just don't think this pic is particularly risque or shocking.
Do you fellows really find that sexy? The eye goes right to the ribs, not the breasts!
It's sexy for sure.
It's hot. Trust me, it's hot. A recent Esquire had the date Dawnie turned 18 in their calender so it's pretty darn hot. Nice bra, by the way.

Love the geeks in the AICN talkback complaining about a woman they would cut their left hand off to get a chance to touch in reality. The AICN talkbacks are like satires of internet posts.
I never take AICN's talkbacks seriously. I find them highly amusing and take them in the same vein as the comment threads on Fark.
Yeah, it's a shame she's passed out of bait-a-licious into barely legal. Because, you know, my creepy stalker fantasy of meeting her when she was just sixteen really needed that extra kick of getting arrested versus just the pepper spray I'd get now. :(
Here's another Michelle Eurotrip pic. Found this one at the AICN talkbacks. Honestly folks, I don't look for this stuff intentionally. ;)

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"Haunt: it's worth noting that Michelle Trachtenberg DID just turn 18. "

that's beside the point re the wiggins reactions. 18, 21, whatever, everyone still thinks of her as little Dawnie or Nona or Harriet. Sure, in a few years from now, we won't, but this is just the beginning of the swan phase. Our minds are still in ugly....errr. ...cute but annoying duckling land, ya know?
Wow. Although sheesh, she could stand to gain some weight. :(
Hm, now that movieweb link doesn't work anymore. :(
FWIW, that other pic is now here.
Oddjob: Urgh :( Where can I donate food for Michelle?
There's yet another pic here.

It's probably the best one of the three.
"Oddjob: Urgh :( Where can I donate food for Michelle"

I agree, she must eat something :(

@simon : yes, I think too
Her head is so huge...
Those are some of the biggest sternocleidomastoid muscles I've ever seen on a female in the pic Oddjob posted.

I'm presently making some crisco bacon sandwiches for Michelle.
Does anyone know the artist or name of the song that plays once you enter the eurotrip movie site?

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