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June 04 2010

1st 2010 CSTS event tonight in San Francisco. They will be screening Serenity and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog with lots of prizes, a costume contest, and games. Mighty fine shindig!

Here is the CSTS 2010 event listings.

Five years. My baby done all growed up and shit.
I didn't realise CSTS had gotten permission to screen DrH. Have fun attendees!

Joss gave CSTS permission starting last year.
Well, it did need to be approved again. I assume last year's approval wasn't an "in perpetuity" sort of thing. (Although I think re-approval might mostly have been a SAG waiver issue. Not sure.)
Very glad this was posted. Guess I was asleep at the wheel. Looks like @CSTS first tweeted about this event earlier today, and doesn't look like @CABrownCoats ever tweeted about it. Guess the event is on some web sites that I don't regularly check. I see it's listed at but curious how else one could have learned about this?

Well at least I heard about it before, not after, it happened! Maybe it's just too small an event and not meant to be widely publicized? 480-seat theater, or less (some seats apparently aren't available when they project video).

Looking forward to seeing Serenity on the big screen again. Wonder if the theater has blu-ray and if we'll be seeing the new Dr. H. blu-ray?
Very sad to see no St. Louis on this year's listing :( I missed it the last two years, but this was gonna be my year! Alas.

Have fun, everyone!
Indeed, last I had heard (about a month ago), CSTS global still had not gotten re-approval. I hope this means that they managed to get it all sorted.

I'm a bit sad to not be running an event.. would been nice to have 5 years of involvement.. Oh well, some things are just not meant to be, real shame that it looks like Adelaide won't be holding an event at all. My successor this year seems to have gone the way of my failed successor last year, and I won't be stepping in to save the day this year. So sad, seeing as we were there the year B!x had his wonderful idea to have this event.

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ACK! I'm literally around the corner from this event, but I can't get my boyfriend to go with me. What do you say, should I ditch him and take a friend?!
The California Browncoats aren't involved in this event, but we probably should have helped spread the word. We'll do better next time.

And yes, CSTS had to get re-approval for Dr. H. They are definitely being by the book when it comes to guild approval/waivers/etc.

No ditching involved. Person wants to stay home...person gets to stay home. Friend wants to go...go with friend.
It's a shame they didn't announce when they had received approval, as i'm sure they could have gained a few affiliate events like they did last year who only show Dr.H
Just bought my $25 all-day event ticket for Portland on June 26. Browncoats: Redemption, Dr. Horrible, Serenity, Session 416, and the special hell screening of Serenity.
The One True b!X,

You mean there will be talking during a special screening of Serenity?
Yes. This is the second (or maybe third?) year Portland's done a special hell screening.
Do you turn the heaters up? :D
So did anyone from here go to the SF event?
Yes, we want details! Those of us running screenings later in the month (Toronto! June 26th!) want to hear encouraging things!
Hoping tonewaugh and 5X5B went.
I went, had a great time. I don't know the San Francisco Browncoats, so I can't give an insider view and don't know the names of the organizers. But here is a recap:

- The main floor was mostly full, but the balcony wasn't opened because the main auditorium didn't fill up. So it wasn't a sell-out, but there were probably around 400 attendees.

- As opening act, Shawn Tutt performed a few songs acoustically. He donated a portion of the proceeds from CD sales at the event to Equality Now.

- Everyone got one free raffle ticket included with their ticket purchase, and more raffle tickets were available through the evening for $1.00 each.

- Then we watched Dr. Horrible, which was shown in 16:9. Don't know if it was the blu-ray. Seemed to me the left/right channels were reversed, since the l/r placement is very clear and matches actor positions at the end of "A Man's Gotta Do" when NPH, Nathan and Felicia are all singing, and it seemed to me the actors voices were coming from the wrong sides.

- I don't recall which came next - costumes or raffle prizes.

- First round of costume judging was for Dr. Horrible - one person came as Red Dr. Horrible, and won (by default). There were lots of people in Captain Hammer t-shirts but I guess they didn't feel their outfits exactly qualified as costumes, so they didn't participate.

- There were around a dozen people in Firefly costume; ultimately a tie was awarded to a Kaylee in fancy pink and white gown (from "Shindig"), holding a strawberry, and to a very convincing Mal. Sorry I don't remember their real-life names.

- (Edit) Then the dozen or so folks in Jayne hats got to come up on stage to a round of cheers.

- 16 raffle prize packs were awarded, including various gifts - most packs included "Float Out" (the new Wash one-shot comic from Dark Horse), meal gift certificates from some local sponsors, toys etc.

- Then we watched Serenity - great to see it again on the big screen and with so many fans cheering in the right places. I admit I was disappointed in the technical presentation - perhaps to make full use of the theater's 4:3 screen, we saw a 4:3 version of Firefly. Not sure if a pan-n-scan version of it actually exists, or if the theater masked off the sides, but we didn't get the full widescreen image. Perhaps the organizers had elected to project a bigger picture vs. a smaller version that would have made less use of the screen. The theater's sound struck me as marginal - kind of overly sharp sounding, and I didn't notice any surround effects. I'm glad I saw Serenity in first run at a terrific theater in full wide-screen and with surround sound, on 35 mm film - it was of course stupendous.

- The event t-shirts sold out. There were some posters remaining near the end, which might have sold out by the time everyone exited.

- Equality Now keychains were available for everyone.

People kind of drifted out after the film ended.

My memory for detail isn't great, wish I could remember more specifics.

I'll email the organizer and see if he or she wants to add more here, or would like me to add more on their behalf.

Ultimately, things ran very smoothly. There were minimal delays, no technical glitches in the proceedings that I was aware of, and a very good spirit.

Tons of photos were taken, so I think more info and images will eventually appear online.

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Giant Fire Breathing Robot reports.

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