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June 05 2010

Dollhouse gets entered for the Drama Series Emmy ballot. David Solomon ("Epitaph 2") is entered for Drama Directing and Fran Kranz is in for Drama Supporting Actor.

Note that this does not mean they are nomimated for an Emmy, merely that their names got submitted to get on the nominating ballot. Chances that this will happen are slim to say the least.

It would be awesome if it did happen though.
Would indeed. I'd like to have seen Jonathan Frakes and John Cassaday getting entered for their Dollhouse directing but I would imagine the nomination process isn't cheap.
Gosh, I think I'd give it to Cassaday for sure of the Dollhouse directors. Not that others weren't great--especially, as mentioned, Frakes--but Cassaday really just nailed it. On the other hand, he also probably had the most creatively freeing episode of the show in many ways.
Oh man. We can wish!
I agree about Cassaday and Frakes, and submit Olivia Williams and basically the entire writing staff for eps 2.4-11. Hrmmph, I wonder if sci-fi will ever get a fair shake at these things.

ETA: Looks like Eliza's in there, too: The Envelope .

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Who was it who directed The Attic? They should've gotten an entry.
Happy that Dollhouse got these considerations, even if they don't gain an actual nomination.
In an ideal world, we'd see Dollhouse, Castle, Caprica, Lost and Mad Men nominated for Best Drama Series, but ultimately we all know that only the last two even stand a chance ... well, at the very least Lost has a shot; genre fiction can still squeak out a little huzzah while Dollhouse and Caprica get sidelined.
^ Speaking of Caprica:

BEST WRITING - Jane Espenson, Gravedancing
BEST GUEST ACTOR - James Marsters, Patton Oswalt


As for Dollhouse, The Attic was a great episode, but I think Frakes should have been submitted just for that shot of Priya becoming the black blot on her own painting after killing Nolan. A friggin' sublime moment, that one.
fanshawes link also has Neil Patrick Harris as Comedy Guest Actor for his recent Glee role and Nathan Fillion as Lead Actor for Castle. Amy Acker and Julie Benz are down as Supporting Actress for Happy Town and Dexter. There's probably a few more Whedonverse actors in there too. I really hope at least one of them gains a nomination.

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How can they not put Enver Gjokaj on that list?
Agreed, Fran Kranz was excellent (especially later on, as Topher developed) but Enver was just stellar pretty much all the time.

I really hope at least one of them gains a nomination.

Can't you pull a few strings ? It is the Emmy ballot after all ;).

And I loved the Priya shot but it was apparently scripted so i'm not sure how credit should be split there (wouldn't hate either Frakes or Cassaday being acknowledged though). Most of the others, I have to say, don't really leap out as instant Emmy nominations IMO ('Castle's fun and Nathan's great in the role but Best Drama, really ? Same with NPH's guest spot - he was great, the episode was fun but it didn't really stand-out as a best performance of the year for me).
Epitaph 2 is my most watched episode of the series, I really love it, and Eliza's acting in it. The Attic would be my other choice for a nom, I didn't really care for Belonging as much as everyone else did.

I personally would love to see Eliza get recognized with an actual nom, but I doubt it will happen. Whether you liked her or not, she acted her heart out, was completely fearless, and really gave it her all. Echo was a very challenging role.

I approve of submitting Fran but also wish Olivia and Enver could have been submitted as well.
Random note, I find it a little weird that Morena Baccarin is under supporting actress for V but Elizabeth Mitchell is part of the leads. I know the latter is the heroine but I was more partial to the icy leader acting for Anna. (And I thought Mitchell was way better doing the icy mystery thing on Lost.)

I sort of hoped that there would be more people from the same series hopefully splitting the votes and giving my championed actors/actresses a slightly better shot.
Possibly they split the V nom noms so that they wouldn't compete against each other.
Typically the antagonist is considered a supporting role. Not all the time of course, but I never thought of Anna as the lead. I liked both women, though, much more than the series as a whole.
Yeah, I rather figured about the V decision Cabri offers but in this case that show got on my nerves so I was vaguely hoping for any excuse to even give Dushku a dark horse chance of/in shooting hell. Whatever.

I'm a little confused now though since that post that I skim read with Dushku being nominated for best lead isn't to be found anywhere. (Or it moved but she's no longer on the list?)

[Singing] It's an honor to be nominated. [/singing]
Not a chance in hell that any of our beloved peeps will make the final ballot, IMO - but fun to see the names there, where they should be, at least at this preliminary stage.

Due respect to Solomnn, who did possibly his best work ever in E2, but I still believe that both Franks and Cassady deserve it more, and would have a hell of a time choosing between those two, in that category.

Worst omission (other than DH for best dramatic series) has to be the sublime Olivia Williams.
Yes, and Enver. But for the minority opinion, I think Fran deserves it just as much.


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How much of Epitaph 2 was shot by Solomon and how much was shot by Joss at the start of the season? Weren't there a bunch of scenes we were meant to see throughout S2 of the Epitaph world?

Am I the only one who doesn't like The Attic?
[Singing] It's an honor to be nominated. [/singing]

It is, but we aren't there yet.
Maybe [Singing] It's an honor to have names submitted to be nominated. [/singing]
Fran deserves to win, let alone be nominated.
Why is there no Enver on that list?!
Kaan said:
Am I the only one who doesn't like The Attic?

Pretty much. :)

All teasing aside, I thought Eliza and Fran both did solid work, particularly in Epitaph 2. Unfortunately, LOST recently ended and though it was initially too long to qualify, The Emmys made a special exception. This almost guarantees that LOST will be taking home a ton of awards that night.

@Shey I think I did see Dollhouse listed in the Drama category for the campaign submissions.
Re 213, one scene survived from 201 - as they pull into the garage thing to find Safe Haven. That was supposed to be the season two opening but, well, something happened and it got cut.

Originally at the end of 201 they discover Safe Haven has isn't there, but that got cut from the episode (and didn't appear in 213 for obvious reasons).

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I'm still sorta curious about how that concept would've shaped the season, the idea of peppering the Epitaph storyline throughout the regular episodes, culminating in "Epitaph 2".

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