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June 06 2010

Happy Birthday Danny Strong! Raise a toast, he turns 36 today.

Happy birthday, Danny-Jonathon-Doyle-Strong :) !
Glad he made the transition from actor to writer (and back again?) so smoothly. Congrats on another year!
Happy Birthday! I enjoyed Superstar for the first time in years just yesterday. Love you, Danny Strong.
Happy birthday, Danny! Hope you are enjoying a great day today! :)
Happy birthday, Danny!

I never forgave Andrew for killing Jonathan.
Happy Birthday!

Just purchased Leverage seasons 1 & 2 on DVD to get ready for June 20th. There are a few episodes I'd never seen, including yours, 'The Snow Job'. The episode was lots of fun and you were great! Anyway, have a good one and many, many more.
Happy birthday, Danny!
Happy Birthday, actor-author Danny Strong!
(And as a side-bar, I wonder if the name of his Gilmore Girls character, Doyle -- never a first name -- wasn't Jane's nod to Glenn Quinn . . . )

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