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June 06 2010

(SPOILER) SlayAlive interview with Scott Allie. A few tidbits about the latest Serenity comic, Riley one-shot, as well as Season 8 & 9. Spoilers for "Serenity: Float Out."

Wonder who the mystery character in the Riley one-shot will turn out to be...
Maggie Walsh or Adam?
People have been suggesting it's going to be Dru. I don't really know, but there aren't that many characters left who haven't showed up yet.
Well I suppose there was that Dru fakeout in the preview pages of Time of Your Life.
Superspy Marcie would be neat.
Superspy Marcie would be super cool! Whistler first popped into my mind although that would be random.
Marcie's probably the safe bet actually, given the military and such.
Much as I'd love to see Dru, she isn't cameo material like Scott made this sound like it'd be.
I hope it's not Marcie. They don't even need to draw her.
I think Allie would be pained to include Marcie. He seems have to been bothered by the continued interest in her character.
Could be Graham... but that's kinda trivial.
My thoughts can't be Maggie or Adam since they're dead. I mean, it could be one of them, death has never stopped someone from appearing, but it seems as if it would be rather complicated to resurrect them for a one-shot. Plus, I get the impression that whoever it is would be appearing in the here and now and not a flashback. Forrest is dead, too, right? I haven't watched S4 in about 5 years...


I do think it is possible Anya could show up, dead or not. But more likely it might be D'Hoffryn. Or maybe Glory.

"...death has never stopped someone from appearing." Except Tara. Who shows in flashbacks or dreams only.

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Yes but nevertheless Tara is dead and has "appeared" since then...doesn't matter if it's a flashback or as a ghost, she's still appeared, in the technical sense of the word, since dying.
I don't think Graham is trivial. He was Riley's friend, after all.
No resonance to Graham. Has to be someone who really mattered. In terms of emotion, I would consider Anya; beyond that, I am lost. But since it is Riley, who would have an effect on him that would resonate?

It'll likely be someone alive. Scott didn't give anything away one way or another (but he did say that they didn't set out to "re-introduce" the character, which sorta implies to me that they're not gonna do some big set-up in this little one shot of a resurrection for a dead character). I could've sworn we'd already seen Graham since Riley's departure (in Season 7 when Riley couldn't be there himself, but helped Buffy in some way anyway ?), but the IMDB doesn't list anything beyond "Into the Woods" for Bailey Chase, so unless it's wrong...I guess it was random military dude who delivered that message then ?

Knowing Jane, it's gonna be someone humorous like Clem, but I sorta hope not.
Yes, it was just some random military company in season 7. Graham hasn't been seen since season 5.

I would think it'd be someone alive too but the list of characters to 're-introduce' in relation to Riley is really rather limited.

Hmmm. It's a puzzle.
Flashbacks and such are the usual procedure, in the Buffyverse just as in non-fantasy shows. Real comebacks by dead people are either world-shakign events (Darla) stacked and inevitable ahead of time (Angel, Spike) or both (Buffy.) Color me meh.

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