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November 25 2003

Spam Rage: A Bit of Buffy Humor I swear I'm going to get my butt kicked for this...but I saw it and I couldn't resist.

The man who is in trouble for "going postal" is from Sunnyvale, California. Just one letter off...

Possibly the most tenuous link ever posted here. Try and make it more relevant next time thanks.
Sorry about that...feel free to delete it if it's too far out there...
Tenous is maybe stretching things. Would I be able to post this link? "Pillow" is just one letter off from "Willow", after all...
Hee. Or what about this one? 'Cause, you know, what's two letters among friends?
... and what about all of the links citing "Joss-speak" whenever an article uses a word like sparkage, whatever the context?
"Joss-speak" articles are usually fine because they show the influence of the show on modern pop culture.

And speaking of Miffy.
Harsh, loved the Miffy!!!

[ edited by Coll on 2003-11-25 18:29 ]
/me kicks mchan's butt
hehe, this is actually turning out to be quite amusing
LOL. thanks for the cheer-em-up. bad-day-vibe gone bye-bye

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