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June 06 2010

Australian Dollhouse advert. Super cool Dollhouse season 2 promo from Australia. And another here.

I thought friends from other countries might get a kick out of seeing these. Too bad North America didn't have as effective advertising.

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Is Dollhouse ever going to be aired on Ten? I had to watch all of it online which was a pain, but still worth it. A pity for those who don't have Foxtel..
Too bad Season one has still not been seen free-to-air in Australia, let alone S2. Now if only Channel 10 would use ads as good as that when they eventually air Dollhouse, assuming they ever do, it might get some good viewing numbers.
Yeah I gotta say FOX8 treat the show so well. As far as I can recall they only ever messed with the show once (postponing it 2 weeks for some American Idol thingy) but other than that they never messed with the time and kept it consistent. Not to mention that they'd repeat the episode the daya after and then again on Saturday nights. On top of that they promoted the hell outta the show and did amazing promos like these. If FOX had advertised the show like this maybe it could have got a few more viewers.

But, yeah, Channel 10 sucks and we'll be lucky to see it air anytime soon. I thought they'd have put it on last summer if they were ever going to. I don't usually bother doing these sort of things but I think I may write to them and beg them to air it or hurry up and allow the series to be released on DVD. Anyone else who'd like to please do so!
Are there seven over Foxes in Australia or is that channel just randomly called Fox8?
Just randomly called FOX8 :)

Well, I'm sure there's some reason it's called that but nothing obvious.
Better than FX attempts trying to sell it as a secret agents show in Latin America.
Very nice ads. I didn't realize how much I missed Dollhouse until I saw them. Sigh.
FOX8 is called as such because it used to be aired on analogue channel eight ;)
Thanks Matt7325. Random knowledge acquired for the day :)
Um. And Fox couldn't have advertised them that well in the US because... Why, again?
There ads are always better!...what's up with that?
Maybe FOX has just it in for Joss ...

Oh wait, we knew that already.

I'll still never get over it. :@
Hoo-rah for Aussie creativeness! Great adverts, why in hell didn't Fox use this kind of promo. Their US promotion of the show was LAME!

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