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June 06 2010

(SPOILER) Radio interview with 'Cabin in the Woods' actress Anna Hutchison. New Zealand actress Anna Hutchison describes the intense secrecy surrounding the Cabin in the Woods audition process, and discusses the experience of working with Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon. [Spoiler warning relates only to Amy Acker's revelation about the film from early new spoilers!]

Right-click on the 'mp3' link at the radio show's page to download the 6MB podcast; left-click on the link to listen to the streaming audio inside your browser.

CitW-related discussion occurs between 1:05 and 4:55. The rest of the interview is about Anna's other acting roles in Australia and New Zealand.

They did auditions in Australia? I love trivia like that. Also the presenter and Anna really really get the fans. So cheers for the interview.

Btw I changed the URL to the webpage where the interview can be found.
Z-land Z-land ooh ah ah.
Some productions take auditions from Oz. That's why if you have Australian citizenship and you're an actor applying to a US production whilst living in the US, you should probably get an Oz agent to submit you.

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