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June 07 2010

(SPOILER) Cover art for the upcoming Spike series. And there's some teasers about what to expect from Brian Lynch and Franco Urru's new IDW series.

Awesome! I wonder what BUFFY character they are referring to... is it Harmony?
Willow maybe?
"a popular Whedonverse character who’s only ever appeared in the BUFFY comics"

Are there popular whedonverse characters who haven't appeared outside the Buffy comics? Or am I reading that wrong?
I think he means who have appeared in the BUFFY comics, but not in the ANGEL comics. In other words, it's a character that has been used by Dark Horse, but not by IDW.
Appeared in a one-shot = got to be Willow.

I can't wait for Brad Meltzer to lash out at Lynch and say that stealing other people's characters is repugnant ;)
Spike, Lynch, Urru. Awesome tags.

I wonder if they'll use the "He's definitely not Twilight" cover in this series.
BTW: Total conspiracy theory here...

In Twilight Part V, Willow says "This is gonna be good." when she sees the ship. How come she already knows Spike is in it? Will this new Lynch-penned Spike series explain?

Is the reason that this series was pushed back a few months, because the final parts of S8 were also pushed back?
I like it and I'm uber excited about this series.

My only complaint is Spike's pants. They seem... strange. Like too tight or something. I dunno. It just looks a little off.

That's just a minor complaint. I'm super excited about this though!
I was just gonna say the exact same thing Allycat
@Allycat: My love for the narrative says "awesome!", my love for continuity says "NO NO NO THE YEARS ARE ALL WRONG."
@Matt7325, I think the years could work. All we know is that "Spike" takes places post ATF. ATF took place in a "moment" after NFA, which is roughly 6-9 months before Season 8 starts. Willow could have run in with Spike any time during those 6-9 months. Plus, time travel is in play, so anything is possible.
Awesome picture! I love the art.
I think Spike's pants are just too light colored Jesse.

Is there a reason it couldn't be Faith? I mean I would rather it be Willow but doesn't Faith also fulfill the requirements?

I would prefer Dawn though, that would make me super happy.
I don't think there's ever been a Faith one-shot so that would rule her out.
You could consider the Faith/Giles issue of the Predators and Prey arc a one-shot. The same argument validates Harmony as a candidate.
This series is gonna be full of surprises and fun and dark moments and romance. I cannot wait for it to start. Though I will say writing this book while on set of an Easter Bunny movie is making me a bit schizo.
You could consider the Faith/Giles issue of the Predators and Prey arc a one-shot.

One issue story rather than a one-shot? I think Harmony has been in the IDW comics though. Unless Ryall is only referring to the current Angel series. Or maybe it's Riley in drag.
^^ Was that a clue? "Easter Bunny"? Is it Anya?
Brian, you can't even imagine how excited most of us are to have you return to the Angelverse!

er... Spikeverse?
I'm excited too!

No, Riker, I'm currently the writer on a movie called HOP, which is shooting in LA. Starring James Marsden (X-MEN!), Kaley Cuoco (BIG BANG THEORY), and Russell Brand as the voice of the Easter Bunny. Hope you guys all see it on April 1, 2011. And then PUSS IN BOOTS comes out the same time the next year. So if you like me and talking animals (and Betta George has proven some of you do), you'll have lots of that in movie AND comic form!

Until George dies in SPIKE.

Kidding! Or am I? Anything goes, it's my last Whedonverse series!
That looks great - and a very nice surprise to see Angel and Illyria involved.

Congrats on the movie btw way Brian!
Your last Whedon series? Why?!?!?!?! You're perfect for this universe. Don't leave us. Ever.

I saw an Easter Bunny movie recently. It was called Hank & Mike. Not for kids.
Anything goes, it's my last Whedonverse series!

In comicbook form. Never say never.
I surprised myself with how excited I got when I saw this cover.....I'm more an Angel than a Spike fan (though I like both characters), but Brian and Franco working together clearly does something for me!
Yay Brian! Spike is my absolute favorite character of ever and I love your writing! I've been ignoring the Angel book for months now because I really haven't liked the characterization or direction of the story so I'm so excited to have a Whedonverse comic to actually truly enjoy again! WOOO! ( I'm also pretty sick of Buffy Season 8). Oh, BTW, I hope it's Willow that you're implying because she's another of my all-time favorites. October can't come soon enough! (except for the fact that that means school and not summer.)
Yippee. We're finally getting news about the Brian/Franco Spike series. I've been waiting for it to start since this team's last comic. I'm so looking forward to the return on Spike, Beck, Tok, and, of course, Betta George. I think Brian is one of the best Whedonverse comic writers out there. Can you imagine what great shows he would have written?

Boo. Last Whedonverse comic series by Brian. Here's hoping that it is a loooooong series. Guess this means my dream buddy road trip moviecomic with Beck and Tok won't come to pass. On an unselfish note, this must mean that, Brian, you're busy with screenplays and original comics, so this is good news for you. Selfishly, I wish you had more time for Whedonverse comics.

Congratulations, Brian, on having two movies coming out next year. I'm looking forward to HOP. It sounds fun.
Well then, I hope Bryan pulls out all the stops with this "last" bit of work he's going to be doing in the Whedonverse. He's been my favorite writer out of both the Buffy comics, though he's never done one there, and the Angel comics. This looks like it's gonna be a good ride.

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