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June 07 2010

Jeff Jensen and Dan Snierson talk about Buffy as part of EW's 100 Greatest Characters Program. They talk about her in the first half of Part 2 and call her the "probably best written super-hero ever".

This is too correct!! THe character of Buffy and the other characters were the most multidimensional characters i believe to have been written in any medium. She kinda should be above Harry Potter...didn't like that guy at all!!!
A bit of a trite summary, but they only had a few seconds -- and high praise at the end there. EW has always been in the show's corner.
I agree with everything they said. Obviously. =)
Tracy Morgan? Really? I can't stand the character, and if evolving means getting more and more irritating - then I guess I can stand by it. I've also never watched Alias or 24 but whenever I watch 24 clips it looks like an SNL clip. It's so incredibly over-the-top; its hilarious. I will need to check out that piece of pop culture before the film, methinks. I'd probably say its way to early to give Sue Sylvester a place either because how how they try to make that character human. She lives in a fictious world, so trying to to make her human always makes me cringe. Brittany, at this stage, is more of a real character than Sue to me.

Of course I agree with everything else though: Buffy? Fantastic! John Locke? Of freaking course! Don Draper? He's sublime! I wouldn't give as much praise to Gob, but I still love him a lot.
So... is this going to be broadcast? Is this like an "AFI Salutes..." kinda thing, or is it just for web? And did they publish the list yet?

gah... google...

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