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June 07 2010

Buffy's back to the books today. Simon & Schuster will today release the first of three new omnibus books, each gathering a trio of previously published (and currently out of print) BtVS novels.

In every generation, there is a Chosen One. A slayer destined to protect the human race. She alone must fight the demons of hell. She alone must risk her life to stop the spread of evil.

Buffy is the Chosen One.

In Coyote Moon, a typical night at the carnival becomes deadly as shape shifters turn the amusement park into their own house of horrors.

Buffy starts having past-life nightmares in Night of the Living Rerun, and must face her historic counterpart before the events of the past repeat in the present.

In Portal through Time, Slayers over the centuries are in danger, and Buffy must protect them in order to save her own life and legacy.

Are these new stories or reprints? And, serioulsy, what's with the odd jewelry cover?
They're reprints of previously published novels which are no longer in print. And the covers for all three collections (as seen at the S&S site) are done with what to me seems to be a conscious effort to appeal to both Twilight and Ann Rice readers...which isn't a bad idea, marketing-wise.
I impulsively bought this yesterday. I loved the books so much as a kid when they first came out.

The publishing company is definitely out for the Twilight fans but if it introduces the younger generation to Buffy then it can only be a good thing.
Twilight fans who have just discovered Buffy may feel a regret after having experienced true depth in the vampire/human drama.

Everything since Buffy has been a vague transparent retelling.
I would subscribe to the school of thought that says The Twilight Books are better written than this cheap cash-ins. Has there ever been more than one decent Buffy novel?

The publishers would be better off getting fanfic writers to contribute new stories. It's been done for other franchises.
I think the Lost Slayer series and Spike & Dru: Pretty Maids All In A Row were both pretty great novels. I agree that the majority of them are pretty bad but those two were very good. Especially the latter which I've re-read many times.
I loved Chris Golden's 'The Lost Slayer' series. Really well written. His Vamp Giles was simply wonderful.

Trouble is I used to feel rather 'superior' when comparing the Twilight series to the Buffyverse until issue 35 of season 8 came out, and now....:0
Simon- there were a good number of these that were excellent. Certainly, Monster Island was good, the Faith diary was excellent, the Chosen novelization superb, and any of Chris Golden's books good. I think that this is a good way to introduce younger readers to the 'verse, so I want to go and support them, even if I already have them all. I wish I had adolescent kids, but mine are now 30, 30 and 25, and don't yet have their own...
I've read a few Buffy and Angel novels, and though none has been great, they're still quick and fun reads.

I pre-ordered this omnibus a long time ago to give as a present to a newly minted teen who loves books and Buffy. She'll be getting it today, I hope.
Dana5140, I agree on Monster Island. That's the only Buffy/Angel book I legitimately enjoyed reading as a book, not just a connection to the Buffyverse.

But to be honest, I was much younger back then and had different tastes, so I don't know how I would like it now.
I was younger then as well, maybe 53 or so... :-)
Pretty Maids was creepy-cool and an excellent read, although was subsequently Jossed in some ways.
Blackout was fabulous as well. Spike and the NYC Slayer.
I also enjoyed Cursed and quite a few others.
Monster Island was one of the ones I couldn't get through. To each their own I guess.
I actually ordered One Thing Or Your Mother just yesterday, although mostly just to get free shipping from Amazon for my Last Angel in Hell hardcover. Here's hoping. I was happy to see though that it wasn't part of this deal.

Edited because there was no novel called Backout.

I haven't read any of these.

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Xane: You could interpret it as being the Council only knew about the fin de siecle Chinese & the 1977 Slayers and Spike kept his moosh shut about the others. Personally, when I watch "school Hard," I've trained myself to "hear" Giles say "He's killed at least 2 Slayers that we know about."

i've read the first 2 and they aren't bad in themselves but they just don't jibe with show mythology and chronology and the tone isn't exactly right.
Admittedly, I'm a tad biased, but in my estimation, the least of the Buffy (and Angel) novels are really no worse than some of the lesser-liked television episodes. And the best of the novels are, I really feel, comparable to some of the best episodes.

Monster Island, The Lost Slayer, Tempted Champions, Sins of the Fathers, Here Be Monsters, The Evil That Men Do, Immortal...any one of these, as a script, would have made for excellent episodes (or multi-episode arcs).
The Gatekeeper Trilogy was also awesome too. Any of the Christopher Golden/Nancy Holder books were excellent. "Blooded", "The Gatekeeper Trilogy" . . .

Also, I've spoke to Christopher Golden on line, he's an awesome guy.

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