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June 08 2010

Alan Sepinwall's "Firefly Rewind". This summer, he's taking a look back at the series on his new HitFix blog. First up? "Serenity".

Nice. I tend to agree with his assessment of the show, but then Sepinwell seems to have tastes similar to mine. I have to completely agree that this had to be the first episode; not showing this first crippled Firefly from the get go. It was such a good introduction to all the characters. I just remember sitting there grinning at Book and Kaylee when they first met, and the strawberries. I am looking forward to more reviews.
I've been following Alan's reviews of other series. We don't always entirely agree, but he always presents his views very well. It's awesome shiny that he's reviewing Firefly. And the pain of abrupt cancellation stings yet again.
This will be fun to read this summer. Alan always has an even handed and well thought out perspective.
Looking forward to rewatching and reading these reviews. Right now I'm rewatching Buffy from start to finish for the first time in several years. I had decided just yesterday to rewatch Firefly next. :)

The reader comments are testimony to the show's ability to stand the test of time. Like many others, I see Firefly as Whedon's best work to date. I agree it didn't have time to stumble. And yes, Fox crippled it from the start.

I was reminded of the original pilot Serenity most recently when watching Whedon's original Dollhouse pilot. Dollhouse didn't suck me in the way Firefly did, but it was a different beast. And I enjoyed the heck out of it. Whedon's original Dollhouse pilot was more fitting than the reimagined flat episode that aired instead. I wasn't shocked. It's an almost familiar refrain.
"Firefly," on the other hand? That was the show Joss understood from the start, even if Fox didn't.

True spoken. Watched in "proper" order, no Whedon show (hell, few shows ever IMO) hit the ground running so smoothly before or since - it wasn't a sprint out of the gate because 'Serenity 1 & 2' are paced to take their time introducing the characters and universe but more a kind of easy, efficient ground-eating lope.

We knew the characters as people from very early on but the show was so rich that in any sane universe we'd still have been finding out new things about them 7 years later. So at least we now know the universe is insane, good intel that ;).
What I would love to do some day is simply speculate on how Firefly would have continued to develop- so much to mine there. Only the end of River's story was told, but nothing about the rest of the characters saved what little we learned in eps such as Out of Gas and others.
Firefly has recently started airing again on the UK channel aptly titled "horror channel". I noticed it when I was browsing the other day so I've been rewatching it again. I also love Sepinwall so I pretty much concur with all he says, except for the occasional tidbit.

I've also just finished The Wire and I'm mid-way through Undeclared so these summer-time catch up reviews are awful fun.
You should read his In Treatment reviews while watching that show's first season. Highly recommended, by him and by me. :-)
Good review!

Tudyk comes closest of all of the Whedon surrogate characters (Xander, Topher, etc.) of talking very much like his creator.

I think Billy / Dr. Horrible is much closer.

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