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June 08 2010

Amber Benson interviewed at After Ellen. An excellent interview with some new photographs.

I see the tabloid articles in the Starquirexaminglobe of "Celebrities Without Make-Up" and think "The camera is an evil invention" and then I see shots like this ... oh, Loramussy.

The interview is a good summation of things I've heard from and/or about Amber over the years.
I really enjoyed this interview. Cool pictures too. Amber has changed her look a lot since the show, but you can't miss those eyes.
wait wait...Tara and Warren...a couple? :o
She auctioned her hair for charity or something, and like a lot of women she's finding advatages to it.
Sigh, if I were a contemporary Samuel Goldwyn, my people would be on the horn with hers all the time.

shesmyeverything: I think they started getting serious a couple years after the show ended. I've always been tickled by it, partly because I love irony to an unhealthy extent and partly because Adam and I look a (very little) bit alike and his dating her is the closest I'll ever get. At cons, when a fan makes a comment they've generally had a sense of humor about it, but at a Drones Q&A recently a questioenr raised the point and apparently they weren't too happy about it.

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Love this lady, but "lifestyle choice?" Call it a glitch in an otherwise interesting interview (I doubt she was thinking too deeply when she answered so I don't read this highly negatively); I also get the sense that she is tiring of rehashing the Tara questions, since this interview covers similar ground to her last AfterEllen interview. Interesting to know she kept the option open for a 4th Calliope Reaper Jones book, which suggests that they are doing well; she also has a kid's book coming out soon. And I appreciate her honestly about the acting she has done in the past few years, and her comments that she may be doing less of it in future.

Everything about her is beautiful. I just wish I hadn't been such a moron that weekend and could have talked about more intelligent things. But nooo, I had to bring up the infamous "Tara is fat!" post on the old Bronze. And as an aside, I still think her PA was insane, telling me I was pretty. I was in a picture with AMBER! How would anyone notice me?

I'm eagerly waiting for the third Calliope book to come out; good to know it's at her editor's.

And...a Death's Daughter movie? Oh, HELL YEAH! How many goats do I have to sacrifice to get a bit role in that film?
Dana5140: Like I said elsewhere, soemtimes only certain phrases will work. People have lifestyles, the things they enjoy doing and they way they present themselves to others, gay people included. Given Amber's record as a friend of the GiLBiTuQ community nobody's going to think she meant it badly. (Of course, she herself, if called on it,would probably also call it a glitch and then apologize instead of going on like I did. *grin)
I didn't get that she was tired of talking about Tara. I do think she thinks (as do I) that she as the performer has said pretty much all she can about the part.
I know the novels have to be spaced out so they don't compete with themselves, but it's "fwuthtwating" having to wait so long. (This isn't the only series I'm griping about, I admit; also the next 1632 series novel & the Poul Anderson Future History re-issues.)
I love her image; "cobbling together a career." Actually, that's always been the case for many actors.
ShadowQuest: knowing your feelings on the matter, I won't argue. (Heck, I'd probably ask a really stupid q. like "What was your name before your grandfather changed it?")

Fantasy paragraph follows:
I want her to have other stuff to talk about too; Fanny Brice in the Billy Rose musical biopic miniseries, Jewel Mayhew in the Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte remake, Katia in the feature film version of The Forms of Things Unknown;Maria in the Disney Channel re-staging of the SOund of Music; Helen Crump in the Mayberry movie; Sue Wagenhorst in the police drama I'm trying to write (another GLBTQ part, smaller than the others.) But last I heard none of those movies were in development:-).

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I don't think she would be capable of giving an interview that wasn't interesting, amusing and enlightening if she tried. :)

Plus, big props to her for being so unflinching about being photographed sans 'pretty stuff' on her face.
DCA- I know, I know, but the term is one used to dismiss LGBT issues, so it caught me by surprise. Like I said, it was just a passing comment, and there is little question about her support.

As for me, I would simply like to see her get a role on a TV show. I would have loved to see her on L Word, for sure.
From @amber_benson:
To clarify in @afterellen interview ( when I say 'lifestyle choice' I'm referring to living an 'openly' gay life.
As always, an insightful and fascinating interview from Ms. Benson!

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What does GiLBiTuQ stand for DaddyCatALSO? (Or anyone else?) I sort of go with either LGBTIQIQA or the LGBTIIQQ community. Tu I suppose might be the two-spirited camp but I got the impression from one my courses that it's mostly a cultural concept coopted by New Agey people of non-Native American backgrounds and it sort of irks them.

Anyway, I was amused by one of the comments that thought the photos made her look like a crackhead, albeit in a really hot way.
Also interesting that so many people are focusing on the phrase "lifestyle choice" when she clearly is supportive. I either missed it altogether or figured that it was exactly as she clarified, that being LGBTIIQQ wasn't a choice but doing so openly was.
orangewaxlion: Sorry, I'm just one of those people who can't help pronouncing acronyms and words instead of as a series of letters (I even sound ASCII in my head as "askee,) so I was seeing how GLBTQ would look with some extra vowels added.
topdeck- thanks for that- I guess I was not the only one who saw that and wondered. I know she is a huge supporter and I am certain she just was making a comment without thinking of all the PC connotations, but I also know her well enough to know that she would be sure to make sure she is properly understood. More kudos to her, for sure.

orangewaxhelion- there is actually a very nice scholarly book about two-spirits in Native American culture. Cool, huh! The book is: Jacobs SE, Thomas W, Lang S. Two-Spirit People: Native American Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Spirituality. You can find it easily an Amazon, along witha few other texts on the subject, some quite good.
What a nice interview. I also never noticed anything different about the photos, that might be me being unattentive but I certainly didn't notice a lack of make-up. Kudos to her having nice skin, I suppose. The hair style, I figured, was just how the photo has been taken as well. Guess not.

As for her books.. I was waiting for them all to be released so I could read them together, which I imagine is what I will do once the third is released. Even if a fourth is coming.

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