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June 08 2010

Jed Whedon is now Twittering! It was confirmed by his wife, so add him!

I thought the @drhorrible account was Jed...?
For a second I thought this said "Joss" instead of "Jed" and I crapped my pants. Regardless, following!
ceo, it was, mainly, although I think Maurissa
might have (wo)manned it sometimes.

Regardless, good to have the Caucasian Tancharoen on board sans pseudonym.
cool. and I also thought it said joss for a second. off to follow!
Should I, since I don't know his work?
You don't know Dr. Horrible? (Or several of the best Dollhouse episodes?) Huh.
ohhhh!!! and don't forget about his band, The Southland. You need to find their album and download! It's fab.

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