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June 08 2010

New Trailer for "Locked In", starring Eliza Dushku. Previously titled "Valediction", this trailer features a lot more Eliza than the teaser footage from last year.

This looks really bad... maybe it's just not my kinda flick.
Oh good, another Fatal Attraction.
Actually, I think it's another Jacob's Ladder via Sixth Sense. I think the trailer kind of gives away that . Apart from the possible overused "twist" ending used to cheat one's way to Hitchcock (unaware that what one is really accomplishing is a trope The Twilight Zone wore out 50 years ago), I thought it looked pretty trippy and cool. At the very least, Eliza looks like she's doing a better job at a not-as-Faithy character IMO. Maybe Dollhouse has stretched her range a bit.
Even though it looks lame, I'll still see it. I'm not going to lie to you, Marge: Ben Barnes is hot. I totally fell in love with him when he was Prince Caspian--he was the only good thing in that film.
I don't think it looks as bad as everyone else. Certainly won't win an Oscar but I like the moody atmosphere presented in the trailer.
Straight to DVD. For sure.
Looks incredibly bad. Did Eliza do this before Joss sat her down and was like, "Stop this being-in-terrible-movies nonsense"?
Dushku does seem to have either horrible luck or horrible taste. Still, maybe this is better than it seems.
Kinda looks like soul survivor without the terrible attempt at being a horror film, or having her make out with an androgynous hobbit!!
More Eliza is better.
It doesn't look terrible, but it does look direct to DVD. You can't really judge by a trailer, but I'd basically lump it in with all those direct to DVD-ers Sarah's been up to for years now. The Return, Possession, etc.
One of the problems Eliza's films seems to have is lack of a major distributor once the films are made.

She played wonderful supporting roles in "Nobel Son" and "Bottle Shock" and "On Broadway", and each had critical acclaim at various Film Festivals, only some were picked up for distribution to theaters but on a very limited release because of a lack of a major distributor. And, her starring roles in "Alphabet Killer" and Open Graves" suffered the same fate; both films had their faults but in my humble opinion, her fine performance in both was not the problem. There's just a glut of films vying for the theaters.

However, don't discount "direct to DVD", Netflix is rapidly growing all the time while more "mortar and brick" video stores are closing. Many films are getting new life through the video-by-mail and direct streaming by Netflix, Amazon and others.

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