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June 08 2010

First news of TV shows coming to San Diego Comic-Con 2010 starting to arrive. List includes V, Robot Chicken, Bones, Castle, Spartacus, No Ordinary Family, The Cape, Dexter, Glee.

Movie updates are much more secret, so no word yet on Avengers...

Well, Richard Castle says he's gonna be there "Just heard I'm going to Comic-Con! 10:30-11:30 am Sunday morning July 25th. I'll see you there! " via Official Richard Castle twitter

Have fun everybody! I'll be tuning in here for reports.
I wonder if Nathan Fillion will be there too.
I'm not a big comic book fan, but I really can't help but think the actual comic part of this convention should be separated from the TV/film panels. I feel sorry for them. I'm also gutted I afford to go - the London MCM Expo just doesn't cut it.

Anyway, Sons of Anarchy is the only one that really stands out as being an odd choice for being there.
Glee? Seriously? I mean I love Glee as much as anyone, but it has no place at Comic-con. It used to be reserved for "genre" shows, but now it seems like anything that is popular is represented.
Glee was a huge hit at SDCC last year. The con organizers decide what does and what doesn't get in. They must think those going to the con would enjoy it. I know I will.
I'm sure i would enjoy it too, I just think they need to stop calling it Comic-Con and start calling it "Entertainment Con" or something way better than what I just came up with.
They already refer to it as a "Pop culture" con.
Personally, I too would prefer SDCC to be narrower in scope. Movies have long been a part - after all, "Star Wars" was unveiled to some 3,000 hardcore fans at CC in 1976. But the broadening out of subject matter is a relatively new development. Last year, they had a "24" panel. Now there's "Bones" and "Castle." Maybe CSI and "American Idol" will be up next. And the con will move to L.A. or Vegas, and more or less merge into the background pop culture noise, marking the end, it seems to me, of something quite distinct and special, with roots, history, and a home in San Diego. The upside, I guess, is the transition of comic books, sci-fi/fantasy, and related genre works from outsider to insider status. The concomitant downside is the loss of a strong, shared community - and communion.

I guess that's called progress. /cranky old traditionalist (They've dug up Bagshot Row!, etc.) :-)
Well, at least my Sunday AM for Comic-Con is now set. I wonder if his doppleganger, Nathan Fillion, will visit some Browncoats again this year
I'm fairy convinced the con is not
@ b!X - a fairy told you it wasn't moving?

Was it Twig?

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Trying to post from my phone while I'm working doesn't always work too well.
I can't wait for SDCC!!! This is my first trip so I am geeking out already. Has anyone heard about the california browncoats tables? They aren't on the list so far.
Heard about them in the sense of are they there? Yes, they are there.
I was given to understand that odds are they're probably remaining in SD because of the atmosphere and name recognition? (There was this one article I remember reading once that also pointed out since it's become such a Hollywood-ized thing that the film people are more likely to find it a fun tax-write-off whereas if it migrated to someplace like LA it'd just become hellish.

As for the selection... Glee sort of has the same obsessive buzz (albeit very much less detail oriented) and really I think most of the backlash I've heard has been more directed towards Twilight, and some Katherine Heigl rom-com?

Man, I can't help but think of a Glee episode where they pander to geeks and nerdier fare now. The original theme to Star Trek! the spoken word monologue from Superman! Lapi Nek/Yub-Yub medley!
Bones was there last year too.
SDCC has become more of an entertainment/pop culture con in the past few years due to encroachment of non-comic-book-related film and TV genre projects. (Funny enough but if you really think about it Sons Of Anarchy has *a lot* in common with Batman. Just saying.)

SD is so close to LA... and there is no public festival event in LA that is as big as SDCC, as welcoming of "genre," and gets almost as much press/fansite attention as The Oscars. Really it is no surprise Hollywood is so interested in using it to get to consumers.

But I love's a very exciting event for people who are into all these sorts of projects. Not only that but it has become this wonderland for producers, writers, actors and consumers to interact with each other directly (marketing people be damned!). I'm finally going this year, can't wait!
@orange: Glee has a very spot-on way of speaking to all nerds/geeks without ever doing the Sci-Fi/Fantasy thing specifically. One of its winning points. It earns its place at Comic-con in a subtle but powerful way.
I'm finally going this year, can't wait!

Is this your first? And you're spot on re: why Glee is perfectly at home there.
Oh, and for those w'esquers attending, feel free to add your name to the Whedonesque-like People Going to Comic-Con 2010 spreadsheet via the handy form.

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