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November 25 2003

Which website has the highest traffic ?

I have to point out that's stastics are not 100% reliable as the figures taken from Alexa can down play sites that have multiple servers and do leave out important sites.
Server stats are a hard beast to pin down. Different stat packages will skew in slightly different ways. Wouldn't touch the Alexa ones... dropped off of the map at some point in the last couple of months. It looked like Leslie Remencus was the owner of the site. I have had no success in trying to reach him/her. It's a shame, because that site had pretty much every music-related bit you'd want to know about both shows.
I think it's sad that a fansite feels the need to encourage competition like this.To me the only really interesting stats are referrer stats.
I think is the best way to officially estimate traffic of websites. No more lies about numbers of visitors, no more differences between ways of counting.
I also very sad about :-(

The competition already exists : was created 2 years after, and yet they have the same functions as whedonverse weblogs. Websites are made to be visited, right ?
I think it's cool to have some clarity on internet buffyverse.

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I agree that Buffyworld is a great Whedonverse site but my personal favourite is this site. (No, I'm not sucking up... well maybe just a little) And I agree with prolific. Referrer stats are much more interesting than the number visitors on it's own. I like knowing where the people are coming from. :)
Buffyworld is the greatest, you can't compare Buffyworld to other sites, that's why it's the first on the top i guess LOL
" was created 2 years after, and yet they have the same functions as whedonverse weblogs."

Whoa, is gone?! I used to visit that website all the time! :o
yes it's all gone! where on earth can we now get detailed music listings per episode?
there's a lyrics search engine on this site
I was looking at the Buffyworld site and while they have had some articles posted for over a month, none of these are commented on. That seems kinda unusual for a Buffy site. I don't know much about the way Alexis works, but I'd guess that like Google there are tricks to improve your rank.
over a month ? hmmm this site has all the last transcripts from Angel season 5 and I know a lot of people (and me too) who visit it all the time. They do many updates (screenshots trailers ... )and they have a discuss by ep.
I consider BuffyWorld to be the definitive collection of transcripts, screencaps, trailers, etc. for every episode of both shows. I like Whedonesque for the news and discussions. I couldn't say which one I like better because they serve different purposes for me.
glady, guess the site is better then I thought at first glance. I was just struck by not seeing comments on the items on the front page. Three of the articles on the front page go back to August.

Does anyone know how Alexis works? A few years ago when it first came out it worked by having you download a toolbar that would tell you the Alexis rank of the site you were viewing. I believe this rank was measured by how many people with the Alexis toolbar visited the site.
Alexa works like TV Ratings : millions of internet users report their visited sites each day to Alexa with the toolbar.

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