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June 09 2010

This is Your Mouth: Narrated by Neil Patrick Harris. Presented by Listerine. Each time the documentary is viewed, $1 will be donated to National Children's Oral Health Foundation: America's Tooth Fairy*, up to $15,000.

*Viewing in certain states (listed in the fine print) do not result in a donation.
You can also check out a Behind-The-Scenes video of Neil lending his voice to the documentary.

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It is all ad, not so much with documentary.

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$15,000 not $1,500
The link above just leads to the trailer which won't give the $1, the actual documentary - and donation - link is
@Ivalaine Thanks for the correction. My eyesight is poor and I sometimes misread things.

@cabri I initially linked to the ad so people could check that out first and decide if they wanted to then watch the documentary.
or you can just do what I am doing now...start the documentary, turn sound off, open another tab and do something else! :)
What I found most interesting is the fact it seems that Americans don't use mouthwash...

(then again the British don't tend to floss so it balances out eh?)
I don't know many Brits who use mouthwash either.
Neither dentist nor that oral hygiene educator who'd come into class once a year in grade school/elementary school ever mentioned mouthwash as a requirement to daily care. Is it supposed to be a part of the routine ? I do fine with flossing once a day and brushing twice (maybe three times, if I've got the time and it needs doing after lunch/work/before an outing at night). Pretty sure flossing, brushing, and rinsing out with water is enough to stave off cavities and keep breath smelling decent (plus drinking water often, 'cause dry mouth = bad breath no matter how often you brush). Plus a visit to the dentist every 6 to 9 months. Mouth wash is just for cheating when you're in a rush and/or you just ate something delicious yet potentially halitosis-inducing (even made my own--mint oil, baking soda, salt, water--it's quick, easy, and cheaper than buying the alcohol-filled, green food-colored Scope and whatnot).

That was just pushing Listerine/making NPH a buck.
Maybe I just hang out/lived with the right people RachVG.
Weird. I like using mouthwash, though I use the cheap knock-off rather than the expensive Listerine, and use it before and after flossing. Perhaps that's why even after skipping a 6-month cleaning I still got an A+ on my next hygienist visit. :) #ishouldbeafamousspokesperson

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