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June 09 2010

The Mortal Kombat Rebirth video. Dr Horrible and Dollhouse's Maurissa Tancharoen, whose brother directed the video, tweeted "Haha, yes that is my VO at the opening of #MortalKombat. Thanks for noticing :)".

This one might be stretching the six degrees rule, but it's so cool I feel it deserves posting.
Agreed. So worthy. This looks AMAZING.
It's a stretch cause it's only mentioning Kevin Tancharoen, but if you mention that Maurissa did the VO at the beginning of it... I think it's a valid post. Anyway, that's for the mods to decide.

And yeah, it's freaking cool!

- Sorry cabri. =)
- Ohh, Jenni is here too!

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Even more important, Mo herself narrated the beginning of the vid.

ETA: Hah! Max beat me to it. ;)

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A visit from someone calling themselves Kano has made me change my mind about the entry. That and the vo relevance. So I restored the entry and made it obvious about the connection.
How did they get Jeri Ryan for a tiny (if very well made) promo like this ?

Elements of it look kinda cool (were they shopping this around as a film idea, or for TV?), but I don't like that the supernatural elements have been taken out in favor of deformities and plastic surgery gone wrong.

The first Mortal Kombat adaptation was good fun in the mid-`90s, it had a great soundtrack, actors who looked like their characters (for the most part), and adherence to plot of the games (what little of it there was). There's not much mileage to be gained from the games if you're attempting to make an action-drama out of it and this doesn't look to be reaching much further than the original film.
This vid was shot over 2 days with no studio budget or backing.

It is amazing. Seriously freakin' amazing.
Awesome! Glad to see it's back. Didn't even recognize Mo's voice until I listened again.

Here's an interview with Kevin:

He says that not everything would be grounded in reality, there would have to be supernatural elements but he would try and make them exist within a more realistic world (a la Harry Potter).
gossi, okay, that is impressive.

bknick, thanks for the info and the interview. Interesting. I wouldn't have said that I was looking forward to another Mortal Kombat film before today, but now I'm a little curious to see what this guy's take on it might look like in feature length form.
Them Tancharoens are pretty impressive.

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'How did they get Jeri Ryan for a tiny (if very well made) promo like this?'

According to her Twitter she did it 'as a favour to a friend'.

And yes, this short kicks large quantities of ass. I hope the bid to make the complete film is successful.
I've been seeing this trailer everywhere. The /tv/ board on generally loves it, and they don't like anything. Pretty surprised at finding out the Tancharoen connection after seeing it repeatedly posted on sites I visit. Her brother just made himself relevant so quickly, though of course making the trailer didn't happen overnight. The big friends like NPH tweeting about it surely helped with the relevancy, but it's deserved. The trailer is very nice. But yeah, I'm impressed by how this all happened, good for him. :) It's inspiring, just like his sister inspires me, and the Whedon's inspire me.

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I was rather impressed. Especially by some of the brutality to relatively established characters.

And frankly I'm a bit surprised that the Whedon network never pulled Kevin in at any point since that was pretty stylish on a low budget. (I've been a little confused from that interview about the emphasis on his own dance choreography background had any input on the fight choreography which I've seen attributed to someone else.
The promo is pretty cool. I hope a studio jumps on this idea. I'd go see it.

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