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June 11 2010

(SPOILER) Full cast and crew credits for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Big spoilers for some actors' roles and other stuff.

Merman, goblin, zombie, AND werewolf wrangler?? This just made me all kinds of excited. It looks like this is shaping up to be one of the best kinds of movies!
I wish I could have already seen this
Why are there a personal make-up artist and a hair-stylist for Sigourny Weaver on the crew-list?
Why does Sigourney Weaver get a personal makeup artist for a movie she isn't in?

(EDIT: Doh! I wrote this, like, 10 minutes ago, clicked "preview" and switched tabs. I only just came back now to "post" it, and I've been scooped!)

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As someone pointed out to me yesterday, that's been there for a while now.
Also: Clown? That's more freaky than any of the other things.
I don't even know what a werewolf wrangler is.
Brian J. White ... Alex Truman (as Brian White)

Well that doesn't make a lick of sense.
I'm suspecting some large metamorphosis here.
Curse you 3d technology - I should have seen this film six months ago!
I am so jonesing for this film. Should I break and read the script, or call my sponsor?
Of course there's a clown. I thought I was going to be able to watch this without getting too scared. Now there is a clown. Thanks Joss.
With all this faux-Sigourney Weaver and (probably) evil clown talk, sounds like Joss has come full circle from Alien Resurrection and 'Nightmares'.
Awesome. I hope Glass Smash Girl has a meaty role.
There's a clown? I can't see that if there's a clown. TOO scary.
Did you watch the Buffy ep with the clown? Face your fear. And don't read the script: watch it in a theatre near you hopefully soon.
Sadly, modern stockyard practices and truck freight have all but eliminated the storied werewolf drives of yore. Not much call for werewolf wranglers these days.
strangeaction - I believe they are just saying he is credited on the movie without the middle initial.
I was planning on skipping this because I don't like horror movies, but now that I've seen the character list I kinda wanna go.
I'm confused. I guess I'll have to re-read the script cuz some of this isn't meshing with my memory of it. Oh well, still super excited for it!!
Anyone actually check the provenance of this list?
Given some of the entries on the list...doubt is cast on the others, no?
Anyone actually check the provenance of this list?

If it's that detailed, then it's pretty much accurate.
NOT full credits. One missing credit spotted quickly: no composer listed.

David Julyan recorded his score a few months ago before the film got pushed back into Pointless Push-Back Hell.
Hey Joss is producer, not executive producer?
strabgeaction IMDB always cites even the tiniest difference ina credi;t from their entry name.

I hate having missed 2 decades of movies and one of TV. Who are these people :-)?
Julyan? Really? Interesting. Joss really liked The Descent. I wonder if that played a role in going with him for the score.
Trying hard not to read any of the comments (edit: originally wrote "comics", oops) but I just wanted to say thanks for writing the headline like you did, Simon. I appreciate the attempt to keep it spoiler-ish.

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The Descent was amazing. I don't think I've been so involved in the moment of a horror film before.
My two big take-aways from The Descent, if I recall correctly were: (1) how long the movie takes to get to the traditional horror stuff, spending a lot of time on set-up and character building (not a criticism); and (2) how the fights near the end made me think "this is what it'd actually be like is the Slayer existed... a nasty, mucky, raging mess".

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The Descent is a play on the fear of loss of children, loss of control and being ultimately alone. I can see why Joss liked it. I can also see why I liked it.

To me, Dr Horrible - intentionally or not - had elements about the writers strike. And not in a moral preachy way - hell, the man trying to put power in other peoples hands in that ends up killing the person he loves.

To me, The Cabin In The Woods is - intentionally or not - Joss' response to "Let's Watch A Girl Get Beaten To Death", the Whedonesque post. And, again, not in a moral preachy way. It's about confronting an urge to create, and watch, horror.
The time to strike with this film was shortly after the score was done. The studio is banking way, way too much on Whedon's name.

The interest level was barely there, and with the 3D aspect which most of us dont' give a damn about, purported leaked story aspects which don't make it out to be anything special anyway, a composer known for providing one type of score as of late ... the Give A Damn factor is sinking in everyday.

This film is going to putter into the train station and die. Sure, there's will be some excitment that it finally arrived at the station, but very quickly everyone will mve on.

And of course the studio will blame Joss.
tharpdevenport, I'm just gonna jump in with my 2p and say I think you're wrong. The reason there's no buzz at the moment is because the creatives on it are trying to keep it under wraps. Once it gets closer to release and if MGM can get together the funding, I strongly suspect they will push the publicity as heavily as they can. You could market this movie so very sensibility -- it has everything going for it.

I don't think it's unintentional, at least from the standpoint of it being something of a response to the torture porn issues he got into there. To me (and I've written this before, just after I shuttered my Cabin blog), it's about, in a sense, the legitimate human need for horror, and the ways in which we twist that need.

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Another name I noticed in the credits on the production side is Heather Langenkamp - Nancy from the original "Nightmare on Elm Street". Not saying it means anything, just happened to note it.

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