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June 11 2010

HitFix thinks there is only a 50% chance that Joss Whedon will be at San Diego Comic Con this year. They're figuring Cabin is "old news" and Marvel will feel it is too soon to discuss Avengers; but aren't they forgetting THIS?

I don't really agree about Cabin being old news -- all they did at Comic Con last year were those teaser posters. The real issue with Cabin is that MGM is having serious financial troubles and probably will not want to spend the money promoting this or anything else at the con.

(OT: HARRY FRAKKIN POTTER AT SDCC?! That will be epic.)

He could go to talk about, I don't know - comics?
Remember that film Joss is doin' about this years Comic-Con? HitFix don't.
Very true gossi... ::edits post::
He could go to talk about, I don't know - comics?

Yeah it's not as if he's penning the final arc of Buffy season 8 or anything like that.
He will be there at the very least with Dark Horse. Hitfix might be having a slow news day.
A Shepard's Tale, Buffy Season 8, DARK HORSE! Plus all of his friends are going to be there, and we know how Joss gets when he's all alone.
Also the Dr Horrible book and the Dollhouse season 2 DVD. He's not short of things to talk about.
Cabin should be out between now and the next Comic-Con, so I don't really see why you would consider it old news. MGM not wanting to spend their money on publicising it is the more likely reason for it not being there. Hopefully that won't be a sign of things to come for when it nears the actual release date.
He's probably having lunch with some very interesting people right now, so, erm, he could just talk about eating lunch for an hour. I'd be sure to turn up - if I were in the country.
Cabin may have got promoted by Brandgenuity at last weekend's Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas.
I would be surprised if he wasn't there.
So they say there is only a 50% chance that the ultimate in Geekdom will show up to his yearly Mecca?
Even if he didn't have anything to promote, doesn't he go every year just to get his geek on anyway?

I predict a 50% chance of the sun coming out and not exploding.
Maybe he could go just to film his documentary and not be big with the interaction?
Hacksaway is right. Joss Whedon would go to Comic-Con because he can, whether he has a panel or not. Odds are, one would be set up for him, even if he did Dr. Horrible as a puppet show.
Say.....there's an idea. Or, add him to the Glee panel, where the crew asks him to direct another episode.
ETA: "Cabin" premieres in January. That's not too far off, any more far off than "Breaking Dawn".

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I think if MGM have put back Cabin to spend money translating to 3D that will want a heavy promotional presence at SDCC.
Also re: Avengers non-announcement, Joss could do a very VERY funny 15 minute "no comment" diatribe.
Joss will be there.

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Pish tosh! I predict the only way he won't be there is if he's in the middle of working on something away from Cali-land.
Hey, maybe he'll have something *new* to show us huh? Remember that absurdist German Tahmoh interview thread? Something is definitely brewing methinks...
Yeah, I'm seriously not seeing how one of the EPs of "Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fanís Hope" - and especially Joss, Our Geek King - would not be at the ComicCon at which it will "culminate its principal photography".

I'm gonna have to suggest the forecast be changed to "sunny with almost no chance of showers".

(BTW, rumors are flying about on twitter than Joss is visiting Ye Olde England Land at the moment.)
Seems a little more than a rumor given the source.
Hacksaway is right: the only time I made it to Comic Con was 2007, when Joss had nothing to discuss.... so he talked about his ballet w/Summer Glau, Cabin in the Woods, Ripper, Goners, and Sugar Shock! I think there is a 100% percent chance of Joss being at Comic Con (as everyone says, he is documenting it!) this year, just as there is a 100% chance of his attending it every year!
For that matter, Cabin In The Woods is anything but old news. It's the time they need to be starting the real push! We currently know nothing about the movie even though it's done but for the 3D conversion. We have a teaser poster, that's it. If Joss has a panel even to sit and pick his nose, it will be a packed room. Neither Joss, nor any studio working with him would pass up the perfect time to announce anything from Shepherd's Tale to Dr. Horrible 2 production to show a 30 second clip of Cabin In The Woods. I'm still not holding my breath on Avengers (too many past disappointments), but Joss doesn't even need an announcement to justify his being there.
Joss not be at ComicCon? Why that's just silly talk.
The One True b!X: Seems a little more than a rumor given the source.

Sorry, I'm recovering from dental surgery and moving in and out of consciousness. Didn't really catch the original source, and my googlefu ain't up to much at the moment. Mind giving it?
Near as I can tell trying to follow the Twitter chain, it came from the mouth of Mark Sheppard. Supposedly, Joss is there while they're filming part of Captain America (whose script, if y'all recall, Joss was rumored to be taking a rewrite crack at as part of the still-unannounced/unofficial Avengers deal).

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Nobody goes to Comic Con anymore. It's too crowded.
; > That's probably 'cause of all of the nobody there. ; >

(Thanks, b!X - that does sound pretty Horse-Mouthy.)
I deleted this.

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