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June 11 2010

Dollhouse and Whedonesque nominated for 2010 Portal Awards. Enver Gjokaj and Olivia Williams are up for Best Supporting TV Actor and Actress and Felicia Day is nominated for Best Guest Star. Whedonesque is up for Best Website. V's Morena Baccarin is also nominated Best TV Actress.

Note: Joss won the "Gene Roddenberry Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2004 which is why he's not nominated this time round.

Also Whedonesque won the Best Site award back in 2006.

You forgot/missed Morena for V too...
Best Supporting Actress is looking pretty competitive.
Well, we were younger and prettier then ;)... except Simon, who is aging in reverse! The Curious Case of Simon Fraser.
I am completely bummed that Leverage was not nominated for anything.
Oh, uncool. I was set to support Enver to the bitter, bitter end, and then I saw Bernard Cribbins is nominated, too. I refuse to cheer for one over the other, so I'll be glad if either of them wins.
So true, Z. On the other hand, I think Sunfire should be nominated for Best Addition to a Moderating Team on a Website That Was Once a Contender - and Can be Again! /shameless flattery of colleagues. ;-)
Whedonesque is still the best site... in my heart.

*cue cheesy piano music*
Oh, if only our hearts would count, Zelikman! Unfortunately, most awards are about average hearts. And those suck.

I am trying to find out how their voting system works. It says you can vote once per day, but it propably means "once every 24 hours". If that's true, you have to make sure to vote at least one minute later than the day before so that your vote gets counted.

btw, Airlock Alpha is a pretty cool site!
I got word back, the "once per day" filter will be based on calender day.
I am happy for Enver and Olivia, but the lack of Fran Kranz is criminal.
Fran is great, but I think it is a wise decision to go with one actor per series. Otherwise, Dollhouse fans would cannibalize each others over Enver and Fran and neither could win. And Enver was clearly superior.

But while he deserves to win, he propably doesn't have a chance. The other shows are just too popular and people vote for what they know.

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