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June 11 2010

Felicia Day as Media Guest of Honor at Gen Con. Felicia Day (and cast of the Guild + Wil Wheaton) to attend as Media Guests of Honor August 6-8 at Gen Con (Indianapolis, IN) this year!

Yeah! I'm so there.
I'm so wishing I was there. The Guild has gotten better every season and it was already pretty neat when it started. And Wheaton's a great fit. I am an unabashed fan of Felicia Day.
Hmmm, I'm not that far away... *starts plotting*
Off topic a bit, but how does one become a "Media Guest of Dishonor" at Gen Con?
Do like Wil Wheaton did for Penguicon three invites in a row and not show up at the last minute.
Hm. I live about 15 minutes away from Indy. I should think about going to this.
Sorry, cabri. I stepped into that one...
Well that's definitely worth the 45 minute drive.

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