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June 12 2010

(SPOILER) Enver Gjokaj to guest on 'Lie to Me'. The press release for his episode, minor plot and casting spoilers. It's scheduled to air June 28th.

I really enjoy this show, and I love how they have been so good about hiring Whedonverse actors! I loved seeing Felicia Day in 'Lie to Me' last year, and I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing Enver Gjokaj too!
They are getting the *best* guests - last week's combo had Jason Dohring, who was scary charming psycho boy (not unlike early Logan Echolls3), Howard Hesseman (Johnny Fever himself) and the heartbreaking Ashley Johnson (sadly excised in Dollhouse's 1st episode re-arrangement, and then brought back to be Wendy/Caroline in "Omega". Ashley is one of the best criers I've seen - right up there w/ Alyson Hannigan - and can play extreme vulnerability without seeming helpless.)

And now Enver? This show is really bringing it on now.

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Yeah, they've had James Marsters and Marc Blucas as well! 'Lie to Me' is really enjoyable- it's had some growing pains, but enjoyable ones. :) Can't wait for Enver! He's playing again. Shock!

ETA: Forgot to add- QuoterGal, right?! Jason Dohring was great, he made me miss Veronica Mars so hard...

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Lie to Me is good now? I remember it being just about the worst thing ever.
It has gotten better. And Tim Roth is just mesmerizing, even when nothing else is much.
So glad that Enver has a gig. I watched the silly show for James, and I can watch it for him.
I'm right there with redeem147. But not on the James part. Just the "silly show" and "I can watch it for" Enver. I tried it when it first aired, but got bored pretty quickly, and was actually surprised it was still on.

And could someone please give me an idea how to say the poor man's name!? Does anyone know what nationality it is?
Albanian, and here's a video where he pronounces it: Dollhouse Unique Cast Names
Yeah, the 'Lie to Me' plight is actually pretty similar to that of the ol' Dollhouse. Weak start, good stuff later on. Though I don't think it was near as bad as the first five of Dollhouse, nor has it ever been near as fantastic as the last few. And Tim Roth never falters, so there's that.

Oh, and check out Alona Tal on the guest cast list as well! Veronica Mars and Supernatural, cheers all around!
Thanks, JAYROCK. I had to watch it a couple times w/the volume up, but I got it. "Joe-kie?" Not how I would've figured.

I love Fran's "And Joss - put an 'h' on there!"
Lie to Me picked up when they brought over Shawn Ryan as showrunner, though sadly he's heading off again. And our friends Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain have made their mark on the show, as well.

I think it started out as a better show than most, and it got better. The writing has improved over time (I think I'd read that Tim Roth pushed hard for it), the guest stars are great, and Tim himself is, as toast said, mesmerizing. I don't watch many shows regularly, but I make an exception for Lie to Me.
I quite enjoy Lie To Me, mostly because of Tim Roth. But I also like Brendan Hines, who was on TSCC in a couple episodes.
The episode with Jason Dohring left me quite cold, though. I loved Jason on Veronica Mars and maybe that was the problem. I didn't quite buy him as the psychopath.
But really looking forward to see Enver in something again. :)
Point of clarification: Isn't this like his third time playing a veteran w/ PTSD? And I went to skim his IMDB and it suggests he's also playing two or three other characters who were probably involved with the military. Does he just have that kind of look or something?

Also his first credit in a TV project with Isabelle Rosselini has me curious if he was an escort or a client, that seems weirdly fitting if the former given Dollhouse.
Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain have moved to Vampire Diaries season two now
I do hope that Enver doesn't have to be a psychopath (although Jason Dohring did a great job, it isn't something I'd like to keep seeing!), but I watch the show for Tim Roth's intensity. And thank you JAYROCK, I hadn't seen that (how did I miss it?!) and it was hilarious... I miss my Dollhouse cast a lot.
I was told En-VAIR Joke-EYE (by Enver Gjokaj, and I figure he's the leading authority on this subject) ...
Cool, I watch it though it wouldn't leave that big a hole if it went (Tim Roth's good but every time it looks like some sort of arc might develop they seem to shy away from it). Thought Jason Dohring was pretty decent as the psychopath though the episode itself was slightly annoying (because actually questioning his method interested me ).

Don't really see how Enver can do anything but raise the episode though, lad's brilliant.

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Agreed, Saje, with your points both visible and in-.

It would be vastly interesting for the show - and possibly Lightman himself - to seriously question his fallibility. It would make a great multiple-episode arc, but they do seem to have that chronic Hollywood Arc Allergy.

There's a pretty good, long interview with Shawn Ryan from June 2nd about the show's future at BlogCritics. It's a little spoilery about other upcoming guest stars and the premises of an episode or two, but not terribly.
I was told En-VAIR Joke-EYE (by Enver Gjokaj, and I figure he's the leading authority on this subject) ...

Bah, what does he know about it?!

*has not actually seen show and slinks out before anyone notices*
And Alona Tal (Meg Manning from Veronica Mars) is in the episode too. For those two actors, I will make an effort to watch Lie to Me.
It would be vastly interesting for the show - and possibly Lightman himself - to seriously question his fallibility.

Yep QG, there's a lot of meat there. In fact 'House', arguably the immediate ancestor of 'Lie to Me', has got great mileage (and some of its very best episodes) out of testing the hero's world-view. Thing is, House was set up as flawed from the start, a genius for sure but still all too human, someone whose brilliance actually causes him to make mistakes whereas Lightman has been set up as utterly infallible (he's never been wrong IIRC). In order to test but not break the hero's world-view I think you may need more wiggle room than they've left themselves (i.e. as viewers we have to believe it's at least possible for him to be wrong in order for there to be any suspense so we have to see him make mistakes - which House does in every single episode and Lightman not at all).
Although, Saje and QG, the character is fallible in other respects, as in the way his use of his abilities screws up his relationships, and the way his knowledge can make him unduly fearful (eg about his daughter)and so on. He is a bit superheroish, in this regard.

I do agree that some actual flaws in his methods would add a ring of truth as well as provide a lot more room for real dramatic tension.
That's probably not so much how Enver himself pronounces it as how it sounds to "English-speaking ears."

Interesting; ALbanian Americans are a smallish ethnic group, & two of them were working prominently on this series.
Although, Saje and QG, the character is fallible in other respects, as in the way his use of his abilities screws up his relationships, and the way his knowledge can make him unduly fearful (eg about his daughter)and so on.

True toast, as a man he's far from perfect but though they constantly talk about how his method is scientific, in the show it actually functions more like magic which makes it dramatically shallow IMO. House's superpower is cleverness (and maybe emotional distance - or at least he thinks it is anyway) but the way it works is pretty much the epitome of science (or an idealised textbook version of it anyway) - he and his team propose a hypothesis, they test it, they accumulate new data, the old hypothesis doesn't fit that data, they propose a new hypothesis and so on until they find an explanation that fits. Making mistakes is an integral part of his process.

And even if we do see Lightman as a super-hero (and I agree that there're parallels with both him and House for instance), taking a super-hero's power away or questioning the worth of that power is an absolutely fundamental type of story to tell in the genre, it happens to pretty much all of them at one time or another. Watching them deal with it is fertile dramatic ground.
Oh exactly so, well put! I think we do see him doubt himself sometimes, but I'd love to see him doubt the it fail, or find that it has limitations, to reassess his work...and learn something.
So Enver is going to "do" Tim? What? I can dream. Tim Roth is great on the show. I wish I had watched it more ere long.

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