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June 14 2010

Supernova (Sydney and Perth) just got that little bit better. Mark Lutz joins the Whedonverse crew at Supernova next weekend in Sydney and the week after in Perth..

Just when I was getting bummed about Felicia and Tamoh not being able to make it

We now have Eliza, Charisma, Dichen, Summer and Mark.
This is going to be a great weekend. Woot!

Just noticed that he tweeted it a couple of days ago too.
Mark Lutz Twitter and he only has a few followers I think we can do better than that.

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This makes me sad. In a good way. I'm just grieving over the fact that I had every intention of going, but cannot for exams. I'm going to huff and puff for a bit now.
ELiza's doing cons? Good news.
I hate Sydney and Perth so much right now... :( Plus side though, Brisbane got James Marsters... Who knows, maybe next year Brisbane will end up with Felicia and Mark.
Crypto~ Yeah we could but Whedonesque hasn't even put his account on their page of Twitters. That person hasn't posted any pic's and no other whedonverse account is following him and the only one he is following is Juilet who isn't following him.
According to the Supernova site it is his official twitter. But they of course may have it wrong. I'll see if I can get him to tweat a photo at the con on Saturday if possible.

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