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June 14 2010

Audio interview with Bill Williams on Spike: The Devil You Know. The first issue is out this week.

No major spoilers for the series other than the general premise.

Was there any further discussion about the little brouhaha around the time of the inadvertant S8 reveal?

There were statements made about Joss' involvement (or lack of involvement in the Angel series) and I was wondering if that was touched on at all in the audio interview. (I'd listen myself but I'm at work and have no working speakers at home right now)

Edited to add: What a lame 1000th post!! For days now I've been preparing for something special. Maybe a shocking or controversial post...something to stir up a little Jossy excitement. But without thinking I just threw that comment out there with no regard for the exciting 1000th post status! Bah!

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You might be thinking of Bill Willingham, the other Angel writer. He's the one that made those comments back in January.
After listening the interview..I like Williams! He talked about Spike and Angel comics, IDW, the boss of his boss, he sounds sincere and really enjoying his work.

Good interview Mr. Williams.

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